Monday 21 November 2016

Hama bead Christmas crafts for children

This is an older post, you can find an updated list of Hama bead Christmas crafts here!

With Christmas approaching it's a good idea to have some crafty ideas up your sleeves for when the excitement gets too much, and Hama beads are a great way to get little ones sitting quietly for a bit while they concentrate on their designs. If you need some inspiration to get you started, here are some of my favourite Christmas Hama bead projects, and they will all add a bit of festive decoration to your home.

Hama bead Christmas crafts for children round up

Hama beads are perfect for making Christmas tree decorations. If you want to make some ornaments to hang on the Christmas tree, you could make these simple Hama bead and ribbon baubles which can be made in beads and ribbons to match the decor of your tree. I also love this Hama bead Christmas mobile, which is a great way to display your favourite creations. These Scandinavian Inspired Tree Decorations combine Hama beads with cross stitch for some stylish and modern ornaments, and although these Hama bead Christmas puddings are designed to go on Christmas cards, they would also look fab hanging from the tree.

Hama bead and ribbon Christmas baubles

These Hama Bead Trees would make a great Christmas forest display in your home, and you could also make some little cottages like this 3D Hama Bead Gingerbread House to make a Christmas village scene. This free Gingerbread House template is also very sweet, and would lovely in the background or as a separate hanging ornament. 

3D Hama bead gingerbread house

If you are looking for something larger, you could try some Hama bead bunting. We made snowflake Hama bead bunting for across the top of our fireplace, and you can find some more snowflake inspiration here - Hama Bead Snowflake Decorations.

Hama bead snowflake bunting

I love making coasters with Hama beads, because they are very quick to make, and little ones can easily make them as gifts. These Red and White Christmas Coasters are a simple design and they look great when there are several of them used together.

Finally there are plenty of Christmas themed Hama bead kits with lovely designs. Some come with special Festive shaped boards, and others use standard boards with a range of different patterns. Aly has shared her thoughts on a range of Christmas Hama bead kits using midi beads, and I've written about some lovely little Christmas ornaments using the tiny mini beads.

Mini Hama bead Christmas crafts

I hope you enjoyed this round up and it has given you plenty of inspiration - Happy Hama Christmas Crafting!

If you enjoy crafting with Hama beads, you can find plenty more Hama bead crafts on my Hama bead page

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