Friday, 17 October 2014

Christmas ribbon and Hama bead bauble tree ornaments

Today I'm sharing some Christmas ornaments using one of my favourite craft materials - Hama beads! These ornaments for the Christmas tree are really easy to make, and even little ones can join in and make their own simple decorations

Hama bead and ribbon Christmas ornaments

This Christmas I have been chosen as a Fantastic Ribbons blogger, and today I'm using some of their lovely Christmas ribbon. The ribbon that I have chosen is the 15mm Satin Ribbon "The Holly and the Ivy", priced at £2.50 for a generous 4m roll. If you want to see what I did with the other ribbon have a look here - Simple Christmas crafts using ribbon.

Christmas ribbons from Fantastic Ribbons

I love the rich green colour of the ribbon. It may be that when we come to decorate our tree the colour becomes a little lost in the green of the tree, so I might use the ornaments to decorate the fireplace instead, but these would look lovely on a white or pale coloured tree. Here are my finished Hama bead ornaments!

Ribbon and Hama bead Christmas ornaments

The ornaments are really simple to make using just the square Hama bead pegboard. Here are the basic designs that I used, but you could vary them in all sorts of ways using different colours and patterns. The key element to include in your design is the top part which you use to hang the ornament and to wrap the ribbon around. I used gold Hama beads for this part but yellow would work just as well.

Hama bead ornament designs

When you have ironed the designs (I ironed on both sides to make them really sturdy) you just need to tie a length of ribbon around the top to form the bow. Then take some thin thread or cotton and use a needle to thread it through the Hama beads on the top layer and tie to form a loop. Even if the hole has closed as a result of the ironing, the beads should still be soft enough to easily push a needle through.

Hama bead and ribbon Christmas ornaments

These ornaments are so simple to make that children can get involved too, and they make a lovely small gift to pop in with a Christmas card!

You can find all my Hama bead crafts here on my Hama bead page!

As a Fantastic Ribbons blogger I received these two rolls of Christmas ribbon to review.


  1. What a clever idea!

    We've only recently got into Hama beads but I keep coming back here for inspiration!

  2. They would look great on the front of a card too! Will be showing the Small girl these! I am a sucker for ribbon with writing on. I still have a load with Danish Gladelig Jul on. :D

  3. They are adorable! I keep meaning to get some Hama beads for Sausage as I think she;d love them and we have a Christmas tradition of making new ornaments for the tree every year, so this would be perfect! Thanks for sharing.

  4. That's a great idea for Christmas ornaments - Thanks very much x x

  5. These are amazing, and look so easy to do - I don't think we have used hama beads like this before, and I can't believe we haven't...opens a whole new world!

  6. My son loves hama beads now, so nice to see them being used again and my daughter gets drawn in. Will show them these lovely ideas!

  7. Beauiful, I'm goign to show my daughters these, what nice gifts they would make. Mich x

  8. hama beads - i stayed away from them but looks like i was so mistaken! love the chirstmas baubles!

  9. Genial!! Me encanta!!!


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