Wednesday, 8 October 2014

Different Rangoli to make with children for Diwali

Rangoli are beautiful, artistic designs that originate in India. They are created on the floor, either indoors or outdoors, and are usually formed with natural materials such as dyed sand, rice or flour. They can be very simple or incredibly complex and usually feature geometric designs and patterns. They are made to welcome the Hindu deities, they act as decoration and are thought to bring good luck. Rangoli are often created for Diwali, the Festival of Lights.

Designing and creating Rangoli is a great activity for children of all ages, because you can tailor them to the age and ability of the child. There are many different ways that you can make Rangoli with children, and this post contains some of the ways that we've created Rangoli together.

If you're a regular reader of my blog, you'll know how much we all love Hama beads in this house. The Hama bead circular pegboards and the huge range of coloured Hama beads available makes them perfect for making Rangoli designs that can be used as coasters, place mats or decorations for a Diwali celebration.

I began with a series of designs for small Hama bead Rangoli. These designs use the small circle template and are very simple, easy for young children to copy or use as a base for their own ideas.

Small Hama bead Rangoli

Then I moved onto creating large Hama bead Rangoli designs. These designs use a lot of beads as the large Hama bead circle template is quite big, but the final designs really are vibrant and eye catching. I love that the pegboard is so versatile, there are so many different ways that you can place the beads on the pegs!

Large Hama bead rangoli for Diwali

Dyed rice is a very popular choice of material when making Rangoli. Rice is very cheap and it's easy to dye using food colouring. For these dyed rice Rangoli I drew the basic design onto painted cardboard and filled the outlines with glue before the children spooned the dyed rice into the different shapes.

Dyed rice rangoli

Salt is another great natural material that is easily dyed with food colouring. Our recent dyed salt Rangoli designs were really easy for the children to make using clear contact paper and they also make lovely window decorations.

Dyed salt rangoli

Different Rangoli to make with children for Diwali

I have rounded up all my other Diwali crafts and activities into one post which you can find here - Simple Diwali crafts for young children.


  1. We have recently become huge fans of Hama beads so I will have to show these to my daughter for her to try! Thanks for sharing x

  2. What a nice activity, do you celebrate Diwali at your home? Mich x

    1. Thank you! We don't celebrate it as such, but I do try to teach the children a little bit about Indian festivals as they are half Indian and I want to interest them in and educate them about their cultural heritage.

  3. Brilliant selection - great for this weekend as it's going to be a rainy one ;-(

    1. Thank you! Yes they are all great indoor activities!


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