Wednesday 9 May 2018

Review - Hello Kitty Kruisers for the Nintendo Switch

The children love their Nintendo Switch, and they particularly enjoy multiplayer games that they can play against each other or with friends and family. So they were delighted to have the chance to review Hello Kitty Kruisers, a new colourful and cute arcade racing game from Rising Star Games. 

Hello Kitty Kruisers game review for the Nintendo Switch

To play the game, players choose a character from Hello Kitty and her Sanrio friends and they can race on land, over water and through the air. You can race either in single player or with up to three friends, and as you play through the game you can unlock new outfits and vehicles for your favourite characters. There is also an Adventure mode where you can challenge your racing skills by completing different fun tasks.

Hello Kitty Kruisers for the Nintendo Switch review

We already have a racing game on the Nintendo Switch that they love, so I was particularly interested to see how Hello Kitty Kruisers compared.

Here's what they thought!

Mia (6) - I liked the way it's different from our other racing game because you can do boats and flying but in the other game you can't do that it's just normal racing. My favourite character is the kitten because it's cute and it's quite a good one to play with. I like playing the game on my own because then it makes it a bit easier to win. I really liked the adventure mode because it's different and you need to collect apples or collect cupcakes and sometimes go through hoops, and then there's driving against the time.

Harry (9) - I like the way that you can race in planes and boats because you don't normally have different modes in racing games and it makes the game more interesting. My favourite character is the frog because it's green and my favourite colour is green. I like playing the game with other people especially if they are as good at the game as me because then it's challenging. Another thing I like is that basically there's different levels but then each level is repeated several times in different modes so you can race around the track in different ways. I also liked playing in adventure mode and completing the different challenges. I'd recommend it to lots of people, especially people that like Hello Kitty.

As you can see the game was a big success in this family!

Nintendo Switch Hello Kitty Kruisers review

Hello Kitty Kruisers game review

We received a copy of this game to review. The suggested retail price for the digital game is £24.99, and £29.99 for the physical game. The boxed physical version of the game also comes with an official Sanrio iron-on badge.

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