Sunday 17 February 2019

Disney Cruise craft ideas

One of the things that I love about cruising with Disney is how you can add some magical extras to your cruise. Preparing for the cruise is also a great way to show off your crafty side. Here I'll be sharing some of the crafty things that I've made for our Disney cruises which have been used as part of the Fish Extender gift exchanges and also to give out as random Pixie Dust. They are all rounded up here in case anyone is looking for inspiration, and I will be adding to it as I come up with more ideas!

The largest thing that I've made for our Disney cruise is our actual Fish Extender. This is a hanging organiser with pockets which is hung outside the stateroom door. It's used for the organised gift exchange, where you swap gifts as part of a group with your fellow cruisers. To make it I made front pieces from felt for each of us. It has a Moana theme, with progression from under the sea to the sky and a line from the song embroidered onto each pocket.

Fish Extender for a Disney cruise

As well as signing up for a Fish Extender gift exchange I've also signed up for ornament exchanges. This is an exchange to swap Christmas ornaments amongst a group of cruisers. They can be Disney themed, cruised themed, be themed to where you live or have no theme. For our first I decided to make some mini felt stockings. Many of our fellow cruisers were from the US so I added a small Cadbury's chocolate bar inside each one, then I packaged them in a Christmas themed bag with some Mickey Mouse head confetti and Christmas ribbon.

Disney themed homemade Christmas ornaments

Another idea for a Disney themed ornament is some Mickey Mouse hand felt decorations. I was inspired by Geeky McGeekerson to use up some scraps of white and black felt along with ribbon and stuffing to make these little hanging hands. These were used to give out as random Pixie Dust on my next Disney cruise.

Felt Mickey Mouse hand ornaments

I loved making these Hama bead Disney cruise magnets which formed part of my cabin gifts. Each stateroom in my group received a set of three different magnets which are made using a Hama bead frame and a glossy picture of either the ship or the Halloween on the High Seas logo.

Disney cruise themed Hama bead magnets

A lot of people enjoy trading pins with people via boards on their stateroom doors, so I made a fabric hanging pin trading board for our own door. I bought a bulk lot of Disney trading pins from eBay, some to use as Fish Extender gifts and the others to be left on the door for people to trade. Obviously there is a risk involved with this, I hope that most people at least will leave a pin in return if they take one! This was designed for a Halloween cruise, hence the pumpkin theming!

Disney pin fabric trading board

Finally another way to share treats with fellow cruisers is with a hanging treat holder. The thin fabric pockets can be used to hold lollipops, pencils, glow sticks...and I also had some plastic spiders that I hung from the pencils. I found that it did empty out very quickly so if you want to do this be prepared to bring lots of treats with you if you want it to last! 

Disney cruise stateroom treat holder

Another type of cruise magnet that I have made are these very simple laminated magnets which we distributed on doors all around the ship. 

Disney cruise homemade magnets for Pixie Dust

You can find some more Disney cruise crafting ideas in my post filled with Halloween Disney cruise Pixie Dust ideas

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