Thursday 27 August 2020

This month's completed project - Decopatch crafts

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Every month I have been challenging myself to complete an unfinished project that I have lying around the house. This month was the turn of Decopatch!

A few years ago I bought a Decopatch kit which included everything that you needed to create some heart themed projects. My original kit isn't available any more but you can buy this very similar one - Decopatch Love Kit Décopatch Love Kit(affiliate link). I originally blogged about it here - Trying a new craft - Decopatch hearts.

I completed all the projects inside but I had some paper left over, and also I wanted to find a use for the nice box that the kit was contained in. I had some spare Decopatch paper that I'd bought once in a sale, but I had run out of the special Decopatch glue and that had stopped me attempting any more projects. 

Decopatch craft supplies to use up

So I put together an online order. I bought some offical Décopatch Glossy Glue (affiliate link), I know that you can use different types of glue, but I've used this before and I know that it works well. I also bought myself a cardboard letter J (affiliate link) so that I had a project for some of the red flowery paper.

Decopatch letter J and glue

When doing Decopatch, you take the patterned tissue paper and tear it up into small pieces which you glue down using a brush with stiff bristles. It's very satisfying, the glue dries to a nice glossy finish and the paper is thin so you can easily smooth it down around any uneven edges. I really like this floral paper so it was nice to be able to use it for a project that will be on display in my study.

Decopatch letter J with flowers

To use up some of the extra paper I also covered this mini chest of drawers which has been sitting on my desk for years and was looking very scruffy. It had a dark pattern on it already so I painted it with white gesso paint first to make a neat surface. I painted the fronts of the drawers as I didn't want to increase the size too much and make them difficult to open.

Mini decopatch chest of drawers

I decided to leave the box from the original kit plain in the end and it will make a nice storage compartment for some of my art equipment - paints and brushes and so on. The leftover Decopatch paper has been tidied away in to my folders of craft paper, and so that's another unfinished project ticked off the list!

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