Monday 11 January 2021

Walking in the frost

Recently it has been frostier than I can remember for a long time. For days we have woken to a thick layer of frost on cars, on the grass and even on our front hedge. I haven't been out for a run in almost a week. Because the children are at home all day I need to go out when it's dark, and I don't trust the pavements not to be slippery. 

Frost on a hedge

It did cause us some problems last week when we needed to film a video for school. Mia was supposed to be lost in the Amazon rainforest, but unfortunately the frost on the grass in the garden, even in the late afternoon, rather took away from the authenticity of the location.

It has made it easier to get the children out for some fresh air though. They love walking down an unpaved road near us where the water has collected in large puddles and frozen over. You'd think they'd never seen ice before! In fact when we got home we even put water in containers in the garden so that it would freeze overnight and they could play with it the next day. A simple home school science lesson!

Children playing in frozen puddles

I don't mind the cold weather so much when I don't need to go out and do the school run. I don't miss hanging around in the cold playground in the gap between finishing times. And I've not had to deal with a frozen car yet this winter as we aren't going anywhere! 

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  1. It has been so frosty. I love looking at it but I'm not so keen on going out in it. It is impossible to resist crunching through puddles. hehehe x


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