Sunday 16 October 2022

Ready for the half term holiday

We have now broken up for half term and we are all definitely ready for a break! We are lucky enough to have two weeks off, and as well as going away for a few days it will be an opportunity for us to recharge our batteries. 

The term doesn't seem to have been particularly long, in fact it has flown by. But it has been an adjustment, especially for Mia. She started at the senior school and it has been a difficult transition. When Harry started we were in the midst of covid and so he didn't find it so difficult. He didn't even see most of the older children as they were all kept in separate bubbles with different start and finish times. I've been meeting Mia outside the school at her request and I can see why she finds the older teens intimidating - they are well behaved but most of them are bigger than me!

She's also been finding it stressful to remember to bring what she needs each day and to get all her homework done in time. I remember often feeling anxious that I had all the books and equipment that I needed for the school day so I can relate to that. I also fell into the trap of overscheduling myself too much with extra clubs and activities at school so I've tried to keep that to a minimum at least for the time being.  I'm hoping that she will be more settled when she goes back, as it will just be more of the same rather than a complete change.

Autumn trees with coloured leaves
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The last day of term was an inset day, which has been rebranded since covid as a "school development day". They are still at home but they are given a full day of work to do which took both of them longer than the school day. I've encouraged them to get all their work done in their first few days off so that they can enjoy the rest of the holiday!

The first day back at school is Halloween, which seems to be a bigger thing every year. We have a couple of school friends coming over to go out trick or treating in our village, which always puts on a good show. I'm going to make a few spooky themed snacks (taking heavy inspiration from here - Scary Halloween Desserts) and making sure that all our decorations are out, so the last few days of the holiday will be spent preparing. I usually decorate the window which people walk past to get to our front door - I line it with black bin bags and then fill the window with bunting, battery candles and other spooky d├ęcor. We've also stocked up on sweets!

If your children are off for half term around this time I hope that you have a lovely break!

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  1. We still have a few more days before half term starts here.
    Aww! Poor Mia, I can understand why she feels intimidated. The year 11 boys at my girls school are so tall and most of the girls look so much older too. I am sure she will get into the swing of things soon. Secondary school is such a big change.
    It sounds like you have a good Halloween planned. x


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