Monday, 13 July 2015

Educational arts and crafts for the summer from Baker Ross

The summer holidays are fast approaching, and along with them several weeks that need to be filled with fun activities for the children. I do love spending time at home with the children, but I know that I need to be organised and plan activities in advance, and it's always good to have something on hand for those "I'm bored!" moments.

As part of the Baker Ross Bloggers Network I recently received a box of arts and crafts materials with an educational theme to help occupy the children. I'm a big fan of Baker Ross products and once again we all loved the bits and pieces that we were sent and what we did with them.

We began with the Butterfly Mini Suncatcher Decorations (£2.99 for 12). We've reviewed several of the Baker Ross sun catcher designs, and the children really love doing them and are really proud of their finished pieces. These little butterflies (each measures about 5cm in height) were definitely the best that we've had. We use glass pens to colour them with, and because the designs are quite small there is no patchiness like there can be with the larger areas of colour. They are very sweet, and we are going to be popping them in with the children's thank you cards to their teachers at the end of term.

Baker Ross butterfly sun catchers

I really love the pack of Weather Foam Stickers (£2.99 for a pack of 96) and I can loads of ways to use them. There are loads of different designs in a variety of sizes, representing all types of weather. I helped Mia to make a weather dial which is similar to one that Harry has in his classroom at school. She loves running over to it every morning to set it to the correct weather for the day, and changing it throughout the day as necessary.

Weather dial using Baker Ross foam stickers

One of the things that I love about the Baker Ross craft kits is that they are brilliant for play dates. It's great to have a simple, reasonably non messy activity on hand when friends are visiting, and we had a lot of fun decorating these Music Shaker Kits (£3.49 for 4). They are a simple cardboard tube filled with beads that you can decorate with paint, pens, stickers and so on, with a fun finished product.

Baker Ross shaker toys

We also had a lot of fun with these Solar System Scratch Art decorations (£2.99 for 12). We've received similar kits in the past and with 12 in a pack they are great for entertaining a larger group of children. Each design comes with a stick to scratch off the black layer and reveal the colours underneath. They are fab for all ages, younger children are happy to scratch away until most of the black is gone, older children can scratch out more complex designs.

Baker Ross space scratch art

Also in the box were some Fruit and Vegetable Card Shapes (£1.99 for 10) which Mia in particular loved. There are ten different designs in the pack, all simple fruits and vegetables that she could identify straight away. I realised that as well as having fun decorating them we could turn them into a display poster for her room, with the names to help her as she begins to learn to read.

Cardboard collage fruit poster display

We started by painting the shapes with poster paints. The card does have a slightly shiny surface so the paint didn't cover that well, and with hindsight acrylic paint would have been better. It didn't matter though as I was intending to decorate them on top of the paint. We used all sorts of different collage materials - pom poms, sequins, pipe cleaners, feathers, fabric petals and so on, and we were really pleased with our finished poster, it's so bright and cheerful!

Finally we received some great painting supplies which are going to be a big help as we do a lot of painting in this house! A nice big Super Value Spash Mat (£2.99) which I am saving until our current one has fallen apart and some brilliant Painting Water Pots (£3.96 for 12). These are great because you can fill them with paint or water and if they are tipped over the liquid doesn't spill out.

Baker Ross painting supplies

I was also impressed with this Paint Pot Tray (£1.99) which could also be used to hold glue or small decorations like sequins or pom poms. The individual pots fit nicely into a larger tray to keep them together, or you could share them out amongst a group. Previously I've just used old margarine tub lids for holding paint, which is fine for when they are little but as they get older and take more pride in their painting they want the colours to be kept separate. Here Mia is busy painting her shoebox which she needs to decorate and fill with personal bits and pieces ready for when she starts school in September, eek!

Child painting a shoebox

Once again it was a great box of arts and crafts materials!

I received this box of arts and crafts materials as part of the Baker Ross Bloggers Network.


  1. Thanks for these fab ideas! I'm heading over to check out the Baker Ross website now! I need 4 weeks of activities for my kiddos this Summer!

    1. I agree, some awesome ideas here and some nice photos.


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