Friday, 14 August 2015

Project MC2 - Smart is the New Cool

At the weekend, we were invited to the Science Museum for the launch of Project MC2.

Project MC2 launch in London

Project MC2 is a Netflix original series aimed at tween girls, offering a 'geek chic' lifestyle approach through smart and savvy science-inspired play. In the world of Project MC2, science meets style and everyone knows that it's cool to be smart. The series follows the adventures of four main characters, each with their own distinctive personality, style and interests. McKeyla McAlister is an undercover spy, Adrienne Atoms is a culinary chemist, Bryden Bandweth loves all things tech and Camryn Cole has a high IQ and can build anything.

Children doing science experiments

There is a range of merchandise to accompany the series, including a fashion doll for each character. One line of the dolls includes a different science experiment for each that you can perform yourself at home using just a few basic household ingredients, for example building your own lava lamp or erupting volcano. At the launch party, Mad Science were in attendance to carry out a few simple experiments with the children to spark their imagination and interest.

Using ultraviolet light to hunt for clues

Then we were treated to a screening of the first episode in the Project MC2 series, where we are introduced to the main characters and the scene is set for their first mission. The show tries to show young girls that they can succeed in the traditionally male-dominated fields of science and technology, and in the first series the girls use their skills and intelligence to rescue not a damsel in distress, but a prince.

While I love the idea of the show and I think that including simple science activities along with the dolls is a great idea, I do think it's unfortunate that there is nothing ground breaking about the design of the dolls - like all fashion dolls they are skinny with perfect hair, tight fitting clothes, and unrealistic figures that are far too womanly for the tweens that they are supposed to represent.

Having said that, the children were delighted with them, in particular the long hair which can be styled with little hairbrushes in the shape of conical flasks, and they have been eagerly watching all the episodes of the show.

Project MC2 dolls

As well as having fun at the event, the children each received a goody bag containing a basic Project MC2 doll. The basic Project MC2 dolls have an RRP of £14.99, and the Project MC2 dolls with experiments have an RRP of £24.99.

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