Wednesday, 3 February 2016

Valentine's Day crafting with Baker Ross

This month I was lucky enough to receive another fantastic box of crafting materials from Baker Ross! So many that I'm going to be splitting them across two posts, and to start with I'm sharing some fab crafts for children with a Valentine's Day theme

Heart Lanterns

We started off making some simple but pretty heart lanterns using the Heart Lantern Kits (£3.49 for 4). There are four different coloured lanterns, as well as plenty of tissue paper squares in the different colours, so the children had a choice of which colours they'd like to use.

Tissue paper and card lanterns

The tissue paper pieces are the same sizes as the sides of the box so it was really easy for the children to stick them where they needed to go, and Harry enjoyed cutting out his tissue paper pieces to cover different parts of the design. Then when they'd finished I folded them up to make the lanterns and we strung them up across the banisters. They'd make great gift boxes for Valentine's Day treats too!

Valentine's Day hanging lanterns

Craft foam and wool heart hanging decorations

Foam and wool hearts for Valentine's Day

To make these heart hanging decorations I cut out my heart shapes from pink coloured foam sheets (£2.75 for 12 A4 sheets), making a larger and a smaller heart for each decoration. I used a hole punch to make holes around the edge of each heart, then gave the children a needle and coloured wool, not really giving them any instructions as to how they could sew the wool through the holes. 

Materials for making foam sewn hearts

Harry kept his simple, sewing around the edge of the larger heart and criss crossing the smaller heart with wool. Mia chose to decorate her hearts with some Pink and Silver Stick on Jewels (£1.99 for a pack of 480) and her felt pens. We glued the smaller hearts to the centre of the larger hearts, and used ric rac and ribbon to create a hanging loop for the top.

Valentine's Day sewn heart

Valentines Day hanging picture decorations
The other week I shared these Valentine's Heart Collage Pictures using two Baker Ross Card Picture Panels (£2.99 for 4). The cardboard backgrounds are really sturdy and would be great for all sorts of artwork whether it's painting, drawing or collage. 

Hanging heart picture decorations

Blank wooden hearts

Our final craft is going to be some painted wooden hearts. We have a pack of plain Heart Wooden Decorations (£2.96 for 8) and I'm planning to paint them with a plain background colour and then let the children decorate them with more paints of stickers. I've seen some gorgeous examples on Pinterest that include a quote, so I think I'm going to be making some for myself too, look out for them in a future post!

Blank wooden hearts to paint

I received these items to review as part of the Baker Ross Bloggers Network. Prices correct at time of writing.


  1. I love those lanterns, they look so cute hung up together x

  2. I love those heart lanterns and the blank wooden hearts are a great idea for crafts too :-)


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