Wednesday 3 August 2011

Five minutes to fill...

...let's cut paper! Don't worry they are plastic scissors. And he can't actually use them, he is really ripping the paper and pretending to cut.

Child cutting with plastic scissors

Child cutting with plastic scissors
We've spent the day at home today "potty training" I've spent the day cleaning up puddles. Still, I need to persevere, he is perfectly capable of it! We've had a packed day full of activities, in fact I've used up most of what was planned for the rest of the week so I need to quickly think of more things to do. We've made lots of mess with flour, sand and water, we've done sticking, reading, singing, hassling the baby, cleaning and tidying up, playing with cars, jigsaws, chasing round the garden, painting stones, washing the walls outside, scavenger hunts, a nature collage, made suncatchers and there is still an hour and a half until dinner time. So I've resorted to Button Moon.
(And Mia slept for a six hour stretch last night...)

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