Saturday 20 August 2011

Things Harry learns at nursery

Also known as the Mysterious Bubble Song.

Harry has been attending his nursery for a little while now, but it's only recently that he's developed the language to actually tell us what he's been up to. We had already picked up some intriguing clues from the new words that he was coming out with (see-saw, painting, ready steady go) and the substances that he came home covered in (purple felt tip, glue, spaghetti). 

But one thing that was really baffling us was the bubble song. It was accompanied by the action of spreading out one's arms to indicate a bubble getting bigger, and the words went "bubble, bubble, bubble, POP!". He was getting very cross that we wouldn't sing along with him. I was puzzling over this for ages until I thought to google it (I googled "bubble bubble pop song"). So I can now reveal that the song, previously unknown to me, goes as follows:

I had a little turtle
I called him Tiny Tim
I put him in the water
To see if he could swim

First he drank the water
Then he ate the soap
Then he went to bed
With a bubble in his throat

Bubble bubble bubble, bubble bubble bubble, bubble bubble bubble, bubble bubble pop!

Toddler blowing bubbles in the garden

Now if only we knew the correct actions to "Harry in the Middle" (yes, we've tried the obvious) then we'd be sorted!


  1. Hurray, now we all know. Had better learn the words...

  2. The bubble pop song was one of Ella's favourites when she started nursery! She used to get KayCee to sing along with her over and over again but now she likes to take centre stage and sing it on her own!


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