Friday 28 February 2014

Crafting for Mother's Day with Baker Ross

I'm really excited to be a part of the Baker Ross Bloggers Network. Baker Ross sell all sorts of arts and craft materials, both basic craft supplies and more structured pre-packaged kits which help children to make some gorgeous gifts and keepsakes. You can purchase in bulk, if you are looking to buy products suitable for playgroups or community groups for example, or parents can buy smaller quantities for home use. As a parent, I can see so many materials that we would use. In particular, if we are even planning a party based around any theme, there are lots of great products which would really make it unique and provide some wonderful crafting and party bag supplies.

We received a huge box of craft materials to try out. So many that I can't fit them all into one post! So I'm going to start by taking a look at some of the products we received which are particularly themed towards Mother's Day, celebrated in the UK this year on Sunday, March 30th.

As an absolute minimum for Mother's Day I would hope to receive a card, and Baker Ross offer a number of different pre-printed cards for young children to colour. I really like these MUM Pop-Up Cards, because they are a little bit different and have plenty of space for children to colour. We decorated them with some pretty flower stickers and gem stickers. We were also sent some Mother's Day Face Cards which we've not got to yet but also look like being a lot of fun for the children to decorate. They'd be a great craft for a group of children at a playgroup or similar, as young children can work on them without needing too much supervision.

It's also lovely to receive a homemade gift on Mother's Day, and it's nice if it's something that you might actually use! The Heart Charm Bracelet Kits are really pretty, and Harry easily managed to put one together for me which he was really proud of. I left Harry to make his by himself while I occupied Mia, but you could also take the opportunity to help your child think about planning a design in advance, and look at the colours and creating a pattern.

For something a little bit more freestyle, children can decorate some Wooden Heart Magnets. I painted them red first myself using acrylic paints to make sure that they were evenly covered, then gave the children various stickers, pens and buttons to decorate them. They would make a lovely gift for Valentine's Day too, or a Birthday present for a special person. I've also kept some of them aside, as I can see a few more crafting possibilities for me to try myself!

Finally, these Treasure Chest Foam Kits are girly enough that they would also make a pretty and practical gift for Mum, although I'm afraid that I won't get a look in at ours as they are already stuffed full with 'treasure' that the little ones have collected together! They were pretty easy to assemble, and came with plenty of bits and pieces to decorate them with. I've been thinking that they would be fantastic for a pirate themed party - you could make them as a craft activity during the party, and then also use them as party bags for the children to take home, perhaps finding some chocolate coins or other suitable treasure to fill them with.

Treasure chest craft with Baker Ross

We also received lots more arts and crafts goodies which have been keeping us busy over the last few days, so do keep an eye out for my next Baker Ross post which will be all about Spring crafts. It's been nice to have actually seen some sunshine over the last few days!

I received these products as a member of the Baker Ross Bloggers Network.


  1. Oh they do look fab! We bought some Baker Ross craft kits for the boys 'Knights & Princesses' party and they went down a storm.
    The catalogue dropped through the door this week and I've been eyeing bits'n'pieces up but lovely to see how they work with your little ones as I think sometimes I buy for me not them :-)

  2. Thank you! It's definitely something that I'm going to think about if we host a party at home, especially for older ones that would be able to do it without too much help, and there are so many different themed kits available.

  3. There are some wonderful ideas there for party bags and themed parties

    1. Yes, I'll definitely be keeping them in mind for the future!

  4. Great ideas, there's nothing more special than home crafted things for Mothers Day in my opinion.

    1. I know, all I'd really love for Mother's Day is a homemade card that I didn't help to make!


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