Tuesday 18 February 2014

Some more mini Hama bead projects

I've really been enjoying my mini Hama beads lately. I blogged before about my mini Hama bead Christmas decorations, and for Christmas I was lucky enough to receive a big pack of the tiny beads and an inspiration book. The inspiration book is very helpful, because I've found that unlike the midi beads there aren't a lot of ideas out there online for the mini beads. They are obviously not so popular, or perhaps not so widely known about.

Mini Hama bead projects

The mini Hama beads are about a third of the size of the standard midi beads. They really are tiny, the only real way to place them onto the pegboard is by using tweezers, and they can be a bit fiddly and susceptible to jolting out of position. It's definitely a craft for older children and adults - the suggested age range is 10+.

A pack of mixed beads contains a very good selection of colours. You do have to be a bit careful, because many of the colours have very similar shades, so it's best to work in daylight if you can, or at least check over your design in daylight before you iron it! When ironing, you need to be very careful that the iron is not too hot and that you don't press for too long, as the little beads melt very quickly.

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I really like how the mini beads look when they are ironed. They remind me of cross stitch, because the beads are about the same size as a single stitch. This means that you could easily use a cross stitch pattern for mini Hama beads. You can make designs that are a lot more complex than with the standard beads because they are so small, so you can create designs with more shading and with plenty of extra detail.

Here are some of my favourite projects using mini Hama beads:

Mini Hama bead Russian Doll tiled picture

Mini Hama bead decorative plant markers

Mini Hama bead Easter Egg cake toppers

Mini Hama bead heart pin badges

Mini Hama bead Russian Dolls tiled picture

Please note that the mini Hama bead projects in the main picture aren't my own designs. The flowers and dragonfly come from a Mini Hama bead flowers kit, the violin and Easter egg are from the inspiration book ('Inspiration 13') and the owl design can be found here


  1. Quick question. Did you put the mini beads on a regular midi perler bead pegboard??

    1. No, you can buy special mini Hama bead pegboards which fit the mini beads, hope that helps!


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