Sunday 16 February 2014

Review - PaediaSure Shake

PaediaSure Shake is a supplement drink, aimed at children who are fussy eaters. Specially designed for children, it contains a balance of 26 vitamins and minerals, with protein, vitamin D and calcium as well as iron, all things that children need in their diet in order to grow and develop.

If your child is a fussy eater it can be a worry that they are missing out on some of these essential nutrients. PaediaSure Shake is intended to form a regular part of a child's daily diet during their fussy eating phase while you work to establish healthy eating habits. It is aimed at children from aged 1 - 10 years.

I was sent a tub of the PaediaSure powder to try. The powder is mixed with water at room temperature to make a milkshake style drink. We tried the vanilla flavour - strawberry and chocolate are also available. You use five scoops of powder to make up a serving. The number of recommended servings per day varies by age, a five year old like my son should have no more than three servings.

PaediaSure shake for children

I would call Harry a fussy eater. He never showed much interest in food, right from the very first days of weaning. I feel that he eats very little, and he rarely complains that he is hungry. If I give him something that he doesn't like to eat, he just won't eat it. Although he does eat from all the food groups, he eats a limited range of food, and he's not adventurous at all. This is a problem when we eat out or if other people are preparing food for him, because he will not try anything that is unfamiliar. I accept that a lot of this is my fault, I have become lazy when it comes to making him food. I cook him things that I know he will eat, because he sometimes looks so very skinny and I want to be sure that he has enough to eat.

I do worry that Harry is missing out on some of these essential nutrients that he needs. But unfortunately, because he is so fussy about trying anything new, the shake was not a success for us. Harry was very good, and did try it, but he just had a sip and refused to drink any more. I passed it on to Mia (2) who was the same, one sip and then refused any more. I tried some myself and I can see that I would expect it to appeal to a child, as it has a pleasant, milky taste, and is very sweet. But because Harry is only used to drinking water and milk, it was just too much of an unfamiliar taste and texture for him.

One concern I do have is that if you gave a child too many shakes then it might fill them up so much that they don't want to eat any other food, particularly if they are on the small side with a small appetite. I think I would just stick to the one drink per day, and serve it away from mealtimes so that they are still hungry enough to eat proper food.

If you are worried about your fussy eating child then it wouldn't hurt to give these shakes a go, especially if you think that they would enjoy the flavour, as it would certainly give you peace of mind that all their nutritional needs are being taken care of. A 400g tub of Paediasure currently sells for £9.99 in Boots.

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  1. Thanks for this review. I have to admit to have been a bit surprised to hear such products exist, but as a parent, I know if I had any fear that my child wasn't eating enough, or enough of the right foods, I would definitely be trying anything to get enough nutrients into them.
    A great, balanced review- good to hear that PaediaSure is there for parents at the end of their tether.


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