Tuesday 1 December 2015

Review - Marvel Kids Interactive Website from Disney

Ram and I enjoy watching the Marvel Superhero films, but we've not yet let Harry watch them as I think he's still a bit young for them. But he's still familiar with the characters because he sees the toys and merchandise and hears his friends talking about them, so he's keen to learn more. The Marvel Kids interactive website from Disney is a great way to introduce him to the world of super heroes in a child friendly and age appropriate way.

The website is divided into four sections - Games, Video, Characters and Activities. Harry's favourite section was the Games. Before you can play a game or watch a video you have to watch a short advert which is a bit annoying, although it's something that the children accept as they are used to watching videos with adverts on YouTube. The games are all quite simple to play but take a little while to complete. If you need to stop playing then your progress on the game is saved even when you've shut down the PC which is quite clever.

Harry tried out a few of the games which are all based around classic game formats like platform games, shooting to hit targets and so on. There are lots to choose from and he found some easier than others, so they are aimed at a range of ages and abilities. His favourite was Avengers Assemble Combined Strike.

Avengers Assemble Combined Strike game from Marvel

You need to fly Iron Man through the streets, shooting at the baddies and collecting special power up symbols and crates. It's a simple game, easy to control using the mouse or keyboard, and as you progress through the game you unlock more levels.

The Characters section contains information about the main Marvel characters, written in a simple and easy to understand way that gives a good introduction to the character. We also had a lot of fun with the printable Activities. The activities are designed to appeal to a range of different abilities, and include mazes, word searches, anagrams and Sudoku. For use at home I'd print in black and white to save ink, but I also think they'd be great printed out in full colour to use as party bag fillers for a Superhero party. The Videos are fun too, although some of them are quite short so it's a bit annoying having to watch an advert each time.

It was definitely the games that will keep us coming back to the website, there is such a good choice of different styles of game along with different superhero characters to play, there is lots here to keep little ones occupied for ages!

We received a Disney voucher in exchange for this review.

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