Tuesday 15 December 2015

Infographic - Christmas Crafters are worth £376 million to the economy

Research from Direct Line for Business has shown that over three million people in Britain will be selling their crafts this Christmas, both online and at Christmas craft markets across the country. It's something that I often feel I should be doing, especially now that with both children at school I have a bit of extra time - although the research also revealed that these crafters are working on average 19 hours a week from October to December and I'm not sure how I could fit all that in! 

The Infographic below shows some of the ways that these 'Christmas Crafters' are making money, along with some top tips for starting or running your own crafting business. One thing that I'd not thought about before is purchasing Craft Insurance - it's really important if, for example, a customer is hurt when using one of your products, or if you suffer damage to your stock. You can find out more information here - Direct Line for Business Craft Insurance

Christmas crafters infographic
I have also shared some more tips on starting a business as a parent here. 

This is a sponsored post in association with Direct Line for Business.

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