Wednesday 2 December 2015

The Patons Wool DK Afghan Blanket

The Patons Wool DK Afghan Blanket completed

Back in the summer, Make it Coats invited me to join in with the first ever Patons Crochet Along. Over the course of six weeks, I would crochet a gorgeous Afghan, with a different part of the pattern being released each week. I shared my trepidation in my introduction post - along with the fact that I'd also need to learn and master crochet in order to complete the blanket!

But I'm so proud of myself, with help from my Mum and support from the Make it Coats team I managed to complete my blanket only a little while after the deadline, and here it is!

The Patons Wool DK Afghan Blanket completed

The blanket is made using Patons Wool DK in five gorgeous colours. The first three weeks involved making beautiful flower triangles. The first one took a few attempts working alongside with my Mum, but we worked it out, and I was able to manage the rest of the Afghan by myself.

The Patons Wool DK Afghan Blanket completed

I found the filler triangles quite easy because they are just like granny squares (but triangular ones), and although it was quite hard work to get them done in time they didn't take too long. My flower triangles did end up a variety of different sizes, so once I'd finished all the filler triangles I added in a few extra rounds here and there to make sure that they were all the same size before I blocked them.

The Patons Wool DK Afghan Blanket completed

Sewing up the blanket was also quite straightforward, and it was great to see it all come together (and to see how big it was actually going to be!)

The Patons Wool DK Afghan Blanket completed

The final week was crocheting the wavy stripes down the sides. I knew it was going to be a challenge to complete it all in time so I didn't even attempt it, but I did work very hard on it for a couple of weeks to get it done! Luckily once I'd got started and done the first row I knew what I was doing and so it was fairly straightforward, and I was pleasantly surprised to find that my triangles actually fitted together as they were supposed to!

I spend many pleasant evenings sat on the sofa working on the edges and enjoying the warmth of the blanket. It was the first time I'd worked on a large project like this and I was surprised by how heavy and snug it was! The wool is very thick and warm. I did love that this part of the project was one that I could work on a little bit at a time, I could keep it to hand and do a few stitches while the children were in the bath or doing their reading.

My final Afghan isn't perfect, there are several mistakes in there and a couple of the triangles have somehow made their way in backwards, but I'm so proud of it and pleased with myself for managing it. I really needed the motivation to get it done within a specific timescale too, it helped me to make sure that I completed it in good time!

Unfortunately the pattern for this blanket is no longer available. There are three different flower triangles, fifteen filler triangles in different colour combinations, and then the Afghan is sewn together and wavy borders are added.

The Patons Wool DK Afghan Blanket completed

I was supplied with the yarn that I needed to complete the project in exchange for sharing my progress on my blog and across social media.

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