Friday 13 May 2016

Father's Day craft gift ideas from Baker Ross

This year in the UK Father's Day will be celebrated on June 19th. It's lovely to give Dad something homemade for Father's Day, especially if it's something that he can use or put proudly on display. We received a selection of crafts from Baker Ross which would be lovely gifts for children to make for their Dads.

Firstly I love these Elephant Ceramic Coin Banks. They are really easy for young children to paint, and older children can come up with more intricate decorations. To paint them we used HobbyLine Brights Porcelain Paint Pots which are fantastic paints that we've used for quite a few projects. They cover nicely and come in some lovely bright colours. This coin bank is a practical gift that would look great on display.

Next we used the same paints to decorate some Wooden Beach Hut Key Holder Kits. Again the paints covered well and dried to a lovely shiny finish. Mia painted the beach huts herself and I think that she did a brilliant job!

Then we decorated some Wooden Keyrings. The keyrings come in lots of different styles, and I think that they are a great price. Mia chose her favourites to paint and then finished off with some felt pens, Ram is always mislaying his car keys so hopefully these lovely keyrings will help him to keep track of them!

Father's Day crafting with Baker Ross

Finally Baker Ross sell some Self Portrait Blanks which I'm planning to work on with the children nearer the time. They are cut out shapes that the children can use to make their own portraits and I think they'd be fab for a group of children to work on together - you could ask them to make a portrait of their Dad for a great display!

Once again we had a lot of fun with these Baker Ross crafting kits!

I received these products as a member of the Baker Ross Bloggers Network.

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  1. How lovely! Those Key Holders are so cute and also useful!
    We love Baker Ross here.


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