Wednesday 25 May 2016

Five of my favourite completed crafty projects

I love looking around my house and seeing the things that I've made. Although I love crafting I'm not very good at crafting for the sake of it, I like to make things that are useful and have a purpose (even if that purpose is just decorative!). I thought I'd share some of my favourite crafty makes from the last few years that are still on display and in use.

Some of my favourite craft projects

These felt and fabric applique pig and sheep canvases were one of my first 'grown up' crafty projects. I bought them as a kit and made them when I was pregnant with Harry, and they set the theme for his first nursery which was farmyard themed. They stayed in his room until we decorated it with a space theme, at which point they were moved to Mia's room where they still sit on her shelves. To be honest both children have outgrown them now, but I can't bear to get rid of them, I'm hoping they can stay in Mia's room for a while yet!

Felt and fabric nursery pictures craft kit

Another crafty project that I was working on when my children were babies is my cross stitch sampler. It's the Three Things sampler by Moira Blackburn (affiliate link) and it is still available to purchase as a kit. I remember that it was an expensive gift at the time, but as it took me around seven years to complete it I certainly got my money's worth! It now hangs in the wall in our study.

Three Things sampler by Moira Blackburn

My drawstring backpack was my first proper sewing machine project following a pattern and I was very pleased with how well it turned out. The bag hangs on the back of my office chair and it's really useful for days when my usual handbag isn't large enough but I don't want to carry around a proper rucksack.

Drawstring backpack simple sewing project

My recent finished large project was my crochet granny square blanket which I'm very proud of. Most of our blankets get chucked behind the sofa in the living room but I don't want it to get damaged so I keep it folded up on the sofa in the study (even though it doesn't match the colour of the room at all!) and use it when I'm taking some time out with a book (or for a quick nap!)

Large granny square blanket

Finally, also proudly on display in the study are my decorated wooden drawers from Ikea. These little drawers are so handy, I use them to store odd little crafty bits and pieces and they are surprisingly roomy. I'm thinking that I might need to pick up another set next time we are there, they would be great for storing all Mia's little hair bits and pieces and other junk that she's collecting at an alarming rate, and she'd love to help me decorate them.

Ikea decorated wooden drawers

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  1. These are all such beautiful and incredible achievements Jennifer - you must be really proud of them. I have some similar wooden drawers which I spray painted, but I like the idea of covering them in paper now more. I know was you mean about doing craft that has a purpose. I really need to find something I can get my teeth into, although I find they have to be short and sweet projects, I need some of your staying power!


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