Saturday 10 December 2016

Peter Pan at the Pavilion Theatre, Worthing

This week we were invited to the Pavilion Theatre in Worthing to watch this year's pantomime - The Pantomime Adventures of Peter Pan. The pantomime stars Richard McCourt (Dick from duo Dick and Dom) as hilarious pirate Smee, Patrick Monahan as evil Captain Hook, Amelia Lily as Tiger Lily and Lloyd Daniels as Peter Pan, and it's the classic tale of the boy who refused to grow up and his adventures in Neverland.

We all loved it! There are some great special effects in the show, I really enjoyed the flying sequence when Peter Pan and the children left London and flew through the clouds. Harry's favourite character was Dame Able Mable (yes, of course they managed to fit in a pantomime Dame!), especially the comedy baking scene, and Mia loved looking for Tinkerbell sparkling her way around the stage.

Children at the pantomime in Worthing

Harry was in stitches all the way through, and even though I'm sure some of the jokes must have gone over his head, he found the whole thing completely hilarious. Mia was dazzled by the singing and the dancing, and was stood reaching up trying to catch bubbles during the mermaid scene. All the classic pantomime elements were there, and it was a great family show.

Peter Pan is the best-selling pantomime that has ever been staged by Worthing Theatres, with a record breaking opening week. This year the pantomime has partnered with Chestnut Tree House to raise funds for the local children's hospice.

Family at the theatre

In the run up to Christmas I'm taking part in Vlogmas and publishing a daily video to my YouTube channel showing what we've been up to. You can see my short video about our trip to the pantomime here:

We received complimentary tickets to the press night of the pantomime. 


  1. Hi Jen, I'm taking Max in a couple of weeks, will he need his noise cancelling headphones or is the sound levels OK? His hearing is a bit sensitive and when we watched Marvel Live he sat with his hand over his ears the first half x

    1. I'm not sure to be honest, I didn't notice it being too loud but there is a lot going on! I don't think the sound is any louder than any other theatre show.


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