Monday 19 December 2016

Review - Yvolution Y Flyer Scooter

The Y-Flyer Scooter is a brand new product from Yvolution this Autumn. Aimed at children aged 7+, the Y Flyer is a unique way for children to travel and keep active at the same time. Unlike traditional scooters, instead of kicking yourself off from the floor, the Y Flyer Scooter is propelled by stepping up and down on the pedals, and once you've got going you can build up quite a bit of speed.

Review - Yvolution Y Flyer Scooter

There's a bit of a knack to using it at first, as you need to start yourself moving before you can start with the pedals, and trust in your balance to stay upright. You also need to get used to the movement of the pedals which is used to propel yourself along. Harry has only every had a three wheeled scooter which is a lot more stable, so it took a bit of practice for him to work it out. You also need to have quite a bit of strength in your legs to be able to push the pedals down, so it's definitely more suited to older children, especially those that are already used to a two wheeled scooter or bike and are used to keeping their balance and steering.

Review - Yvolution Y Flyer Scooter

Assembling the scooter was quite straightforward and very quick, you just need to put the upright bar in place, screw on the handlebar and screw the plastic pedals to the metal frame. You need to make sure that all the screws are in tightly and that you've got the brake on the correct side. It's quite large once put together, but fortunately the strong steel frame easily folds down for easy transport and storage.

There is a small fold out stand for the scooter which is really handy for when you want to jump off it for a few minutes and not leave it lying around on the floor. The quick response handbrake is really handy too.

The weight limit for the scooter is quite high at 70kg, meaning that many adults would also be able to use the scooter. I couldn't resist having a go, and although it took me a minute or two to get into it, once I'd got going I loved it! It's a brilliant workout with moving the legs up and down, and it's a really speedy way to get around.

I was sent the scooter in exchange for this review.

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