Wednesday 21 December 2016

My homemade Christmas decorations

I love it when the house is decorated for Christmas, and being a crafter over the years quite a number of our decorations are things that I've made myself. I love these homemade touches, and I enjoy bringing things that I've made out again year after year, as well as adding to them each year. So I thought I'd share some of my favourite homemade decorations that we display around the house.

A selection of my homemade Christmas decorations

The first Christmassy thing that comes out is my Wooden Advent Calendar. I made it a couple of years ago when I was working with Hobbycraft, decorating one of the plain wooden Advent Calendars with boxes, using acrylic paints, washi tape, and some number stickers. I was really pleased with it and we love using it each year. The boxes are nice and big so you can fit plenty inside (this year it's tiny Pokemon figures).

When you enter our hallway you are greeted with my Crochet Wreath, which I think looks a lot more impressive than it is! It was so easy to make, just a strip of crochet wrapped around a wire frame, and as it was one of my first crochet makes it's full of mistakes, but it looks cosy and the little robin is very sweet.

Crochet Christmas wreath with robin

Another wreath which I made this year was my Fabric Strip Wreath, another craft that looks impressive considering how easy it was to make. All you need is a wire wreath frame and lots of strips of fabric which are tied around the frame so that it is completely covered. Both my wreaths are hung indoors though, I'm not sure that I trust them to the elements!

Wreath made with strips of fabric

Around our fireplace I hang our two Tapestry Stockings. They were made using a kit from Jolly Red - I bought one kit for Harry then I purchased some extra wool and canvas to make a second one for Mia. There are even more designs available now than there were when I made them, I'm very tempted to make a couple more!

Tapestry Christmas stocking

We have quite a lot of Hama bead Christmas crafts around the house (you can find many of them rounded up here - Hama bead Christmas crafts for children) - and I particularly love my Scandi Inspired Battery Tea Light Holders. I also have my Mini Hama Bead Christmas Decorations stuck up above my desk which are very sweet.

Scandi themed Hama bead craft

Finally I have a few little decorations on the tree which make me smile when I see them. I was very proud of my Fimo Owl Decoration, although Mia has taken him for the tree in her room this year! I was also very pleased with my Wooden Decorations which were decorated with acrylic paint and detail added with pen.

Polymer clay owl Christmas decoration

You can see these homemade decorations and more in this little video that I made for Vlogmas 2016:

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