Friday 9 June 2017

A Hama bead flower bouquet craft

Hama bead flower bouquet

 After the Hama bead wreath that I made recently, I decided that I enjoyed making Hama bead flowers so much that I'd make some more for another flower themed decoration! My previous flowers were made using a flower Hama bead pegboard, but these simple flowers just use a hexagonal pegboard and don't require too many beads. This is the design that I used:

Hama bead flower design

I used three green lollipop sticks to make the stalks for each decoration. Two of the sticks are cut down so that the flowers fit nicely. The sticks are attached to the bottom with glue to hold them firmly in place, then the Hama bead flowers are glued to the tops of the sticks.

Hama bead pastel flowers

I've found that as long as you leave the glue to dry thoroughly, the Hama bead decorations stick down firmly.

Hama bead flower craft

When it was all dry I made some flowerpots for the decoration using some brown corrugated card. You could also use brown craft foam or just some thick cardboard. Alternatively you could just keep the Hama bead flowers on individual sticks, I bit like these decorative plant markers that I made using mini Hama beads.

Hama bead flower bouquet craft

The finished craft would look lovely stuck to the front of a card, perfect for Mother's Day or as a thank you card. You could also use BluTack to stick them up somewhere as a summery decoration, mine are currently brightening up my desk. They would also look nice with some ribbon attached so that they can be hung up.

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