Thursday 1 June 2017

My latest crochet project

After I finished my crochet bunting I was planning on taking a break from crochet for a little while. But I found that I missed having a craft to work on that didn't take too much thought and was easy to pick up. So I decided that it was time to make another crochet blanket! I still had quite a lot of yarn left after finishing the bunting, in a lovely selection of pinks and purples. I try not to build up too much of a yarn stash, so I wanted to find a project that would use it up and could also be combined with something that I already had.

When I was planning my Sky Blanket I was lucky enough to be sent more than enough yarn than I needed from Make it Coats. One colour that I barely used was white, and so I ended up with plenty of extra white yarn. So I decided to combine the leftover bunting yarn with some of the white, and go with a simple large granny square blanket.

Granny square pink and purple

So far each side of the blanket is measuring about 70 cm, and although I've just started my second ball of white yarn I have plenty of the coloured balls left. I'm intending the blanket to be for Mia as it will match her bunting, and she seems to be pleased with that idea. I'm now trying to think whether I want it to stay square or whether I need to turn it into a rectangle, either with rows of treble groups down each end or with plain rows, then with a border around. It will probably depend how much yarn I'm left with when it's reached the width that I'm aiming for!

Granny square crochet blanket

I like doing crochet in front of the television, but when my husband and I watch our shows together we devote our full attention to them and sit in the dark with no distractions. So I do my crochet when he's out or away and I can stick on something that doesn't take too much concentration. I also enjoy sitting in front of the PC and watching videos on YouTube, catching up with some of my favourite vloggers. Recently I've discovered the world of speed cleaning and decluttering videos and I've found a few favourites that I'm eagerly binge watching - they give me the motivation to get on with my own housework (perhaps I should film myself while I do it to earn a few pennies from YouTube ads!)

I also have a few balls of blue left over from the Sky Blanket and a couple of balls of green yarn from other projects, so I'm thinking if this blanket turns out nicely I'll make a second similar one for Harry.


  1. These giant granny square blankets were always my nan's favourite way to stash bust (in the days before it was called stash busting!) I've always loved them. This colour way is beautiful.

    1. Thank you! It's a great way to use up odd little bits of yarn isn't it, I remember we had one when I was little that my Mum had made which was really brightly coloured, I loved it!

  2. Just found your blog! LOVE the colors you've chosen for your granny square blanket (and all your hama bead projects!). I am running a year long Granny-Spiration Challenge, and would love if you came and linked up with us :) There’s also a yarn giveaway going on right now. It can be found here:

    Alexandra of EyeLoveKnots

  3. This is such a sweet blanket! Good job using up your scraps.
    I must investigate those speed-cleaning videos. Thanks for the tip!


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