Friday 30 June 2017

Blog post ideas for Summer

I always find blogging over the summer difficult - the hot weather makes it difficult to concentrate and when the children are around over the holidays I find it difficult to get anything done. One thing that I try to do is to spend the last couple of weeks of term planning and writing some content so that I have at least one or two posts scheduled every week to take the pressure off a bit.

If you are like me and currently looking for ideas to fill your summer editorial calendar, I hope that you might find my list of Summer blog post ideas helpful!

20 Summer Blog Post Ideas

* Share a seasonal recipe - a barbecue favourite, a refreshing drink or your best summer cocktail. If you have published posts already over the last few years you can create a roundup of themed summer recipes to get some new views to your older content.

* Write a garden update, a balcony update or even a windowsill update with pictures of what you can see from your window. What has changed recently, what is growing, do you have a beautiful tree or flowerbed to share or is the garden full of summer toys.

Summer garden furniture on patio

* Summer home decor picks - a good place to add some affiliate links if you have any, perhaps choosing items along a theme like the beach, nautical, sunflowers and so on. You might have review items to include that would fit well with the theme.

* Write about a summer walk somewhere, and contrast it with a visit at different times of the year. For example a summer walk along the beach, a summer walk through some local public gardens or through the forest. What is special there at this time of year? Take lots of photographs!

* A summer activity list - a list of all the things that you want to achieve this summer. Also a great resource for bored children during the holidays!

* What happens in summer where you live? Are there any special events locally? Write a list of local activities like pick your own or car boot sales, or showcase something bigger like the International Bognor Birdman or the Eastbourne Air Show.

* Write about some of your favourite summer memories from when you were a child. What do you do now to create fun memories with your children? Do you try and replicate the things that you remember enjoying?

* Summer tips - How to keep babies cool, what to pack for a picnic, what you need in your hand luggage on a flight and so on. Everyone has advice to share!

* Free summer holiday fun - How to find out about free local activities and some ideas for things that you can do at home to save money on expensive day trips.

* What has been the summer craze where you live? There always seems to be one or two, whether it's loom bands, fidget spinners, Lego cards or Pokemon Go! Have your children been obsessed by anything recently?

Two fidget spinners

* How has the school year gone for your child? What did they achieve, what milestones did they reach, what fun things did they do? How do they feel about moving on to the next year, especially if they will be starting at a new school or will be having a big change.

* How does your routine change during the summer - do the children stay up later, do you eat dinner outside, does what you eat change? Do you enjoy being more flexible, or do you prefer the routine of the school term?

* Hold an interview with your child at the end of the school year, perhaps comparing a photograph of them on their first day with one taken on the last day. This also makes a good vlog and creates great memories to look back on.

* Are you going away on holiday? Write a preview post about where you are going and what you hope to see and do. You could ask other bloggers for their tips about a particular location to make a helpful crowd sourced post.

* When you get back write a review post, along with a video if you can. Include useful information to help people that might be planning their holidays, and remember to re-share in January when people are booking for next year! I write about pretty much everywhere that we visit, it doesn't need to be a press trip as people will value your honest opinions and photographs. If you managed to save money when booking share your tips, and write a list of packing essentials.

* Blog a summer craft, either for kids or for yourself. If you have blogged about a few you can combine them into a summer craft round up post.

Lollipop stick decoration for the garden

* Make a list! Ten (or more!) things that you love about summer, about the warm weather, the light evenings, about the school summer holidays, favourite summer foods, favourite places to visit locally.

* A review of a local attraction, with plenty of factual information and perhaps a video. Share to their Twitter and Facebook page, and keep an eye out in local Facebook groups if people are looking for advice and recommendations so that you can share your link (just be careful not to be spammy!)

* Summer garden ideas - some things you've done to make your garden pretty, share a Pinterest board if you have one, reviews of garden equipment that you've purchased like play or cooking equipment.

* A summer holiday travel wishlist - where would you like to visit in the summer holidays? For how long? Or do you prefer to travel out of peak season?

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Finally, I've gathered many of these ideas together to form an entire year of blog post inspiration!

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