Monday 12 March 2018

Blog post ideas for Spring

I'm definitely starting to feel that Spring is on the way. After some freezing temperatures it seems to be slightly milder, and there are plenty of Spring flowers popping up. I especially love seeing the mornings and evenings get lighter! So I thought I'd share some Spring themed blog post ideas, to help fill those editorial calendars over the next few months.

Blog post ideas for Spring

* Ten things that you love about Spring. I love making lists, and choosing your favourite things always makes you feel lovely and positive!

* Do a garden update to start the year - what is growing in the garden at the moment, what signs of Spring are there?

* What are your garden plans for the year? If you don't have a garden perhaps you are growing things on the windowsill, or you have an allotment, or a garden of a friend or family member that you can share.

* Do you have a vegetable patch? What will you be planting and growing this year?

* Write about a walk that you take regularly, for example the school run or the walk to work, and take photos of the changes that you can see. This is a good one to update throughout the year as we go through the seasons.

* Do you Spring clean the house? Why, or why not?

* Do you have any Spring cleaning tips or hacks to share?

* What other things do you Spring clean? For example, do you Spring clean your blog?

* What is happening locally? For example Farmer's Markets, open lambing at local farms, Easter Egg hunts. If you visit something you could write an individual review, or list a roundup of activities, perhaps themed by type, location or audience.

* Share a Spring or Easter themed craft - whether it's something to do with the children or decor for your home.

* Share a seasonal recipe or two.

* How are your New Year's Resolutions going? Share an update, and if they've fallen by the wayside make plans to get back on track.

* Look ahead to the summer holidays, what do you have planned?

* Have you made any seasonal purchases lately? Share your favourites in a blog or vlog.

* Do you pack away your warm jumpers and coats for the winter? What new seasonal clothing have you bought so far?

* Share some Spring flowers that you've bought recently - I know that I can never resist those £1 bunches of daffodils!

* Does what you eat and drink change as the weather gets warmer?

* How does your routine change as Spring arrives? Do you spend more time outdoors, find it easier to exercise, go to bed later?

* If you've been having a Spring declutter or clearout, share some of the treasures that you've discovered - old school work, sticker collections, sentimental items.

* How do you know that Spring has arrived? For me I think it's the smell of freshly cut grass and a feeling of warmth in the air!

I hope I've inspired you!

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Finally, I've gathered many of these ideas together to form an entire year of blog post inspiration!

Photo credit - Rodion Kutsaev via Unsplash

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