Monday 27 November 2017

Blog post ideas for Christmas

Christmas blog post ideas

Christmas is such a busy time of year that I find it hard to keep on top of everything that needs to be done, especially when it comes to keeping on top of my blog. If you are looking for ideas for your editorial calendar over the Christmas season I hope that you'll find some ideas in this list to inspire you!

* What are your Advent calendar traditions? Pictures, chocolates or larger gifts? Does everyone have one, or just the children?

* Ten (or more!) things that you love about Christmas

* Review a local Christmas attraction - whether it's a big trip to see Father Christmas or just a visit to the local garden centre

* Do you have a real tree or an artificial one? What are your reasons?

* Share your favourite seasonal recipe

* List your favourite Christmas songs, you could even embed the videos from YouTube

* Favourite Christmas films - both recent ones and ones that you remember from when you were little

* Give readers a tour of your Christmas tree and share some of your favourite ornaments and decorations

* Do you keep the same Christmas decorations from year to year or do you like to keep update with new themes and colour schemes?

* Share a Christmas craft or two

* What Christmas traditions do you remember from childhood?

* What Christmas traditions have you started with your own children? You can read about our traditions here!

* Ask a family member or friend to write a guest post with their own Christmas memories. My Mum wrote about her memories of a 1950's Christmas.

* If you've been blogging for a few years, link back to some older posts. For example you can see the evolution of our gingerbread houses

* There are plenty of controversial Christmas topics that you might have an opinion on, keep an eye out in the news and parenting groups to see what people are talking about. For example, do you limit the presents that you buy for your children or do you go overboard? How do you split present giving between family and Father Christmas?

* How do you spend Christmas day? Snuggled up in onesies, out for a bracing winter walk, driving around between different relatives?

* What Christmas crafts do you remember from your childhood? I remember spending hours creating elaborate card and tissue paper decorations for our front door!

* Interview your children with some Christmas questions, for example 'what time will you be getting up on Christmas morning' and 'what do you think Mum or Dad would like for Christmas?' Share their answers, and then tag some other bloggers to join in asking their own children.

* What are your Christmas Eve traditions? What do you leave out for Father Christmas?

* Who are your fantasy Christmas dinner guests?

* Does the Elf on the Shelf visit your family, and do you love or hate it?

* Gift guides - the possibilities are endless. Ideas for yourself or other family members, gifts for a particular hobby or interest (for example, gift ideas for crafty Mums), gift guides with a particular theme (for example Minecraft or Pokemon). You can include items that you already own so that you can recommend them honestly, and it's a great way to include some affiliate links.

* What are your favourite seasonal treats, foods that you only eat at Christmas?

* Do you make a traditional Christmas cake? How do you decorate it?

* Do you have any special Christmas memories? For example, have you spent Christmas in another country, or done something out of the ordinary at Christmas time?

* Can you share some Christmas tips to help others? Perhaps adapting a traditional Christmas dinner for young children, how to save money on food, drink or presents, dealing with spending Christmas away from home

* The Nativity play - are your children taking part? Did you have a star role as a child? Do you prefer a traditional Nativity or one that retells the tale from a different viewpoint?

* Ways to keep children happy when travelling if you will be spending time visiting friends and family

* Christmas cards - do you send them? How do you display the ones that you receive?

* How do you decorate your home for Christmas? Subtle or over the top?

* Are there any places near you to visit to see some awesome decorated houses? Take the reader on a tour of your neighbourhood.

* Do you have any older posts that can be combined into a roundup? For example Hama bead Christmas crafts for children or Christmas jigsaw puzzle inspiration.

I hope that these ideas were helpful!

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