Monday 22 November 2021

Christmas journal prompts and ideas

A few years ago I shared how to make a simple Christmas journal and so today I thought I'd share some ideas for journaling prompts that you can use to fill it! There are all kinds of ideas for things to write about, from specific ideas for this year to more general Christmas memories and experiences.

Christmas journal prompts and ideas

Particular things that you want to remember about Christmas this year

The Christmas activities that you got up to - what part did your children play in the Nativity play? did you visit Father Christmas? was there a school Christmas fair?

A list of the gifts that you and your family received

Which new Christmas decorations did you purchase or make this year?

What Christmas crafts did you do this year?

If you have an Elf on the Shelf, what were his most memorable antics this year?

Did anything new happen this Christmas? any new guests for Christmas dinner, or any activities that you tried for the first time?

What books were you reading this Christmas, and were they festive themed?

Did you stay at home this Christmas or were you visiting family and friends?

What Christmas crafts were you been working on?

Who did you receive Christmas cards from this year and who did you send them to? maybe stick in some of your favourites.

Glue in a page or two from the Christmas television guide so you can see which programmes were popular and which ones come round year after year.

Create a collage with some of your favourite scraps of wrapping paper, gift tags or Christmas cards.

Stick in a page from a toy catalogue (or a print out from the website!) so that you can remember which were the top toys this year and how much they cost.

How do you celebrate Christmas in your family?

What are your Advent calendar traditions? do you have the same one or a new one each year? are they for everyone or just the children? how have Advent calendars changed since you were a child?

What new Christmas traditions have you started as an adult or with your family? for example Elf on the Shelf, Christmas Eve boxes, reindeer food, gingerbread houses.

Your memories of Christmas past

What sort of Christmas tree did you have growing up? was it real or artificial?

What do you remember eating for Christmas dinner growing up? how has it changed?

What Christmas crafts did you do at school or with your parents?

What Christmas films did you watch growing up?

Do you have any heirloom or vintage Christmas decorations from your childhood that you still display today?

What were your family Christmas traditions as a child? have you continued them now that you are an adult?

Ask other family members, for example your parents or grandparents, to contribute their own Christmas memories, both of you as a child and of their own childhoods.

General Christmas topics to write about

What would it not be Christmas without?

Ten (or more!) things that you love about Christmas.

Do you prefer a real or an artificial Christmas tree? why? 

Share some of your favourite seasonal recipes and the memories associated with them.

What are your favourite Christmas songs and carols and what do they remind you of? copy out the lyrics so that you have a record in your journal.

What are your favourite Christmas movies to watch with your family?

What are your favourite Christmas tree ornaments and decorations? are there any with particular special memories?

What are your favourite Christmas decorations around the home and garden?

How would you spend your ideal Christmas Day?

Who would be your fantasy Christmas dinner guests?

Which foods do you only eat at Christmas time?

Ask your children some questions about Christmas that you can repeat each year, for example what time will you get up on Christmas morning, what gifts are you hoping to receive, what gifts do you think that Mum and Dad are hoping for, who do you want to spend Christmas with, what foods are you looking forward to eating? Then you can see how their answers change over time!

If you are writing your Christmas journal in the form of a blog then you might find this post helpful - Blog post ideas for Christmas

If your journaling style leans more towards video then I also have lots ideas for Christmas Vlogmas videos and vlogging.

I hope that this post has given you plenty of inspiration when you come to record your memories this Christmas!

Christmas journaling ideas and prompts
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  1. What lovely ideas. A great list of prompts to record those memories of Christmas. Some of these would be good for blog posts too x


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