Monday, 15 November 2021

Free - 24 Christmas mini cross stitch and small pixel art designs

Christmas is my favourite time of the year for crafting, and I love sharing crafty ideas and projects on my blog. Recently I've been working on some mini Christmas pixel art designs which are perfect for any cross stitch or Hama bead crafts and I'm sharing them for free below. There are 24 designs, which also makes them ideal for any Advent themed crafts. You could use them with cross stitch to decorate small bags or boxes filled with Advent surprises. 

The patterns could also be used for cross stitch Christmas cards, to make tiny Hama bead embellishments, to decorate bunting, or even for online designs that use pixel art - there are all sorts of possibilities!

I have shared the free designs as images below, and you can also click the links to download them as printable .pdf files.

Click to download as .pdf - Classic Christmas colours

Free mini small Christmas cross stitch designs and patterns

I have also produced the designs as a blank outline version so that you can come up with your own colour schemes. I'm working on some different colours for the designs that I'll be sharing shortly. 

Click to download as .pdf - Blank outline designs

Free small mini cross stitch designs outline to colour

I have also made a Scandi style Christmas cross stitch designs version of the pattern which you can find here - Free Christmas Scandi style mini cross stitch patterns.

I'll be sharing some of the crafts that I've made using these patterns on my blog over the next few weeks and months. My first craft was these Mini Hama bead Christmas embellishments using the tiny mini Hama beads which each measure about the same size as a single cross stitch. They are perfect for Christmas cards or other small Christmas crafting projects.

Mini Hama bead Christmas embellishments craft

Click below to download these graphics as a printable .pdf file:

Classic Christmas colours

Blank outline designs

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  1. Thank you for sharing!
    This could be a fantastic advent activity. The designs are so cute. x


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