Monday 7 November 2022

Free simple cross stitch snowflake designs and patterns

Today on the blog I have a simple festive cross stitch pattern to share - some mini cross stitch snowflakes. These tiny designs are easy to work on and look great when stitched up. To keep the designs small it was necessary to simplify the snowflake a little so these are eight sided snowflakes rather than six sided, but I think that they still work well!

The snowflakes would be great for all sorts of winter and Christmas crafting projects. For example Christmas cards, mini bunting, tableware, Advent calendars, baubles and all sorts of decorations. I definitely have a lots of ideas in mind which I will be sharing here!

I found that the snowflakes worked really well when stitched with white thread on a darker background. You could also use silver metallic thread on a dark background, or if you want to use a white background I think that they would look great stitched in a contrasting colour like red for a Scandi feel.

Free mini snowflake cross stitch designs and patterns

I have worked some of these designs up into a full embroidery hoop cross stitch pattern which I will be sharing on the blog very shortly. Hopefully this sneak peek will give a good idea of how the simple cross stitch snowflakes look when they are stitched! I used navy blue Aida fabric and white embroidery thread for my hoop.

Free cross stitch snowflake designs

These small snowflake designs can also easily be used for other pixel art projects. Last year I used some of the simpler designs to make some mini Hama bead snowflakes. You can see in the blog post how I adapted the designs to add a background so that they were more stable for the tiny beads. You could also use the designs for knitting patterns, digital art projects, diamond painting and much more.

Mini Hama bead small snowflake embellishments

Happy festive crafting!

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