Wednesday 9 November 2022

Book review - It's Christmas Everywhere by Hannah Barnaby, illustrated by João Fazenda.

Today I'm sharing a beautiful new Christmas book. It's Christmas Everywhere by Hannah Barnaby and illustrated by João Fazenda is a festive board book for young children. The shaped book opens up to form a beautifully illustrated Christmas tree, and each double page spread introduces readers to some of the different ways that people celebrate Christmas around the world. The book tells the simple story of a plain pine tree that longs to be a real Christmas tree, and so there's a particular emphasis on the way that trees are traditionally decorated in different countries.

It's Christmas Everywhere by Hannah Barbary

I love learning about festive traditions from different places, and this book shares interesting facts in a really engaging way. Younger children will enjoy the simple rhyming story, and older children (and adults!) will enjoy learning some fascinating festive facts. For example, in Mandarin the world for apple sounds similar to the word for Christmas Eve and so apples form a key part of the decorations!

It's Christmas Everywhere book review inside Australia

This is a wonderful book to keep by the Christmas tree for children to pull out and explore. It would also be a perfect addition to a Christmas Eve box, and can be brought out year after year to enjoy together.

It's Christmas Everywhere book review inside Greece

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  1. Aww! This is such a sweet looking book and it's a great way for little one's to learn about Christmas is different places. x


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