Wednesday 16 November 2022

Ways to use mini Christmas cross stitch motifs in your crafts

Last year I shared my free mini Christmas cross stitch and pixel art designs and they have been really popular! I definitely want to use them in my Christmas crafting this year and so I've been having a brainstorm of different ways that that they could be used in Christmas crafts. I'm sharing them below in case you are looking for some Christmas cross stitch inspiration!

You can click the link above to download the printable pattern in classic colours and as a blank outline, and I've also designed a red and white Christmas cross stitch colourway

This is a smaller picture of the pattern:

Free mini Christmas cross stitch design motifs

And here are some different crafts that you could make with them:

* There are twenty four mini designs which lend themselves perfectly to an Advent Calendar. You could stitch the designs on to small individual drawstring bags.

* You could also use the designs to decorate the boxes of a wooden Advent Calendar. In this case, making the designs using a sturdier craft material like mini Hama beads or diamond painting dots might work better. 

* You could make a sampler style cross stitch design, either using the pattern as it is or changing it around to suit your taste. It would look lovely in a small frame, you could also add some text.

* The individual designs are the perfect size for gift tags when mounted in a cardboard frame. You can see how I made these here - Christmas cross stitch gift tags.

Mini Christmas cross stitch gift tags

* You could also make bookmarks with a row of four or five.

* The designs would also work well for Christmas cards, either individually or maybe in a block of four.

* Using Hama beads you could make some Christmas magnets, perhaps attached to a gift as a little extra present. You can see some examples of Hama bead magnets here.

* You could also use them with Hama beads to make some Christmas keyrings, again they would make a great gift tag.

* You can buy all sorts of tiny frames for displaying cross stitch. As well as for display they can also be turned into ornaments for the Christmas tree, magnets or a festive pendant.

* The designs would make some lovely mini Christmas bunting. You could stitch them onto felt like my felt Christmas bunting, or mount the stitched cross stitch onto cardboard flags.

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