Monday 14 February 2022

Hama bead magnet ideas

Hama bead magnet ideas and inspiration

Over the years on my blog I've shared lots of ideas for craft projects using Hama beads, and today I thought I'd share some of my favourite Hama bead designs which are perfect for turning into magnets. These make great gifts or party bag fillers and my daughter loves making these to sell at various school fairs. 

Click on the link to see the full tutorial.

Hama bead emoji magnets

Hama bead emoji magnet designs

These are definitely a favourite with my children. They love coming up with different designs based around different emojis. We also seem to always end up with far too many yellow Hama beads for some reason, so these are a great way to use them up!

Hama bead Tetris inspired magnets

These magnets are really fun to play with and rearrange on a magnet board by your desk.

Hama bead Tetris inspired magnets

Hama bead flower magnets

These flower magnets are made using a flower shaped pegboard, but if you follow the link to the tutorial you can see how to make similar Hama bead flowers using the square and hexagonal Hama bead pegboards. They are bright and colourful and a cheerful way to brighten up your fridge.

Hama bead flower magnets craft

Hama bead Disney themed magnets

I made these Disney Cruise themed magnets for a Fish Extender exchange - a gift exchange which takes place on Disney Cruises. You could also use them to display some favourite photographs from a Disney themed holiday. They use the circular pegboard and you can make them in any size that you like. 

Disney Fish Extender Hama bead magnets

Hama bead mini Christmas wreath magnets

These small Christmas wreath magnets also use the circular Hama bead pegboard and are great for holding a small photograph or Christmas related image. You could even attach them to Christmas cards or gifts as a little extra present.

Hama bead mini Christmas wreath magnet craft

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  1. What fun ideas. I love the emoji one's and they are a great way to use all the yellow beads. x


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