Monday 3 June 2019

Hama bead Tetris inspired magnets

Tetris Hama bead magnets tutorial

Hama beads lend themselves really well to pixel art, and I love using them for different computer game related designs. So I decided that I'd have a go at making some Tetris shape inspired magnets. These magnets are really fun to keep on the fridge and rearrange into different designs and shapes - the children love playing with them! Tetris was one of my favourite computer games as a child, and I would spend hours playing it. A set of these magnets would make a lovely retro gift for a friend.

These are the designs that I used for my Tetris shapes. I realise that the yellow square should really be larger, but I was suffering from a shortage of yellow beads! Of course you don't need to just have one magnet for each shape, you can make as many as you like, and you don't need to stick to the official colours because there have been so many different versions of Tetris that pretty much any colour goes.

Tetris Hama bead shapes design

Here are the pieces once they've been ironed. Because they are quite small you don't need to worry too much about them warping as they cool, but make sure that you iron them well so that the beads are firmly fused.

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Tetris shapes made from Hama beads

To turn the Hama bead shapes into magnets I used some magnet tape. I've used various ways of adhering magnets to Hama beads and this magnetic tape has worked the best so far. It's sticky on one side so you don't need to use any glue, and it's easy to cut to size. If you don't have any magnetic tape you can also use pieces cut from magnetic sheets which can be glued on, or stuck using a Glu Dot. I used two pieces of tape for most of the pieces to make sure that they will stick evenly to the magnetic surface.

Using magnet tape to make Hama bead magnets

When you are sticking on the magnets be careful because in order to be completely correct some of the shapes are not reversible, so you need to make sure that the magnets are going on the back side!

Hama bead Tetris pieces

It's such fun to try and fit them together in different ways!

Hama bead Tetris shapes

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