Friday 31 May 2019

Different crafts for different situations

I always have lots of crafts and hobbies on the go. At the moment my kitchen counters are crowded with at least three different projects in progress, and my study has boxes and bags piled up with things that are being worked on. It does bother me a little bit, as I don't like having unfinished things around me, but I've gradually come to realise that it's necessary, because I find that specific situations require a different type of project.

For example...

While watching television - it needs to be something mindless. I like a crochet blanket that doesn't require much counting or a simple area of my cross stitch.

When I'm away from home - I take along my cross stitch. It's portable, can be quickly packed away, and doesn't take up much space while I'm working on it. 

When I only have a short amount of time - I like to pick up a book. This keeps me occupied while waiting for children to come out the bath, or while stirring the dinner.

When the children are around - I usually turn to the Hama beads. It usually inspires them to join in, and as long as they aren't after the same boards and beads as me we can work together happily without them disturbing me.

When I have a longer period of uninterrupted time - then I can turn to something that requires a bit more concentration, like my Persian Tiles crochet blanket. I'm not a competent crocheter, especially when it comes to following a pattern, so I need to think about what I'm doing. I also save the more intricate areas of my cross stitch for a time that I know I won't be interrupted.

When I don't have much space - like when I'm travelling, then I like to brainstorm potential future craft ideas and designs, or come up with ideas for blog posts. I just need a notebook, a pen, and a distance to gaze out in to.

When I have the space to leave something out for several days - then I can do something that needs to be left out to dry. This usually involves paint, for example painting rocks. It's also a good time to do a longer mini Hama bead project as that's something that can't be disturbed while I'm working on it.

When I'm tired and don't feel like concentrating - it needs to be something mindless. That could be re-reading a favourite book, some colouring, or even just browsing Pinterest for even more future craft inspiration.

Craft projects in progress
Photo credit Giulia Bertelli via Unsplash

Do you match your in-progress-projects to different situations?

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