Wednesday 15 May 2019

Why I always like to have a book on the go

There's always a book in my house somewhere containing a bookmark, in fact there are usually two or three. Here's why I always like to be reading something:

I always have something to talk about with others, whether it's discussing my latest book with the children, my friends or online.

It helps to fill in those odd moments that I find throughout the day - while stirring something on the cooker, while the kids are in the bath or while I'm waiting in the car.

Having a book close by encourages me to reach for it rather than my phone.

It's something I can do by myself while everyone else is occupied.

My latest book plot gives me something to think about when I have some time to think, for example while I'm running or swimming.

I like to model reading to the children (not that they need it really, they read a lot more than I do!)

It keeps my mind busy.

It's handy to have a book ready to pick up if I'm heading somewhere that I know I'll be waiting around, like a doctor's waiting room or long journey.

It's something to look forward to when I have to do other things, knowing that I have a good book waiting for me to get on with.

Do you always have a book on the go?

Books waiting to be read with glasses
Photo credit Jade Stephens via Unsplash

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