Friday 3 May 2019

Things that have made me happy this week

Here are some of the things that have made me happy this week!

Last weekend we did some shopping and I bought some new clothes for the summer, including these pink shoes. Every year I buy myself a similar pair which I wear until they fall apart, and the current ones are definitely ready for the bin. I usually go for blue but I thought I'd brighten it up a bit this year!

Pink trainers on the grass

I was feeling much more confident buying clothes as I've lost a little bit of weight, and even though I shouldn't think that anyone else would notice it makes me feel more confident. I'd like to lose another couple of pounds ready for the summer, but I'm nearly ready for the shorts!

Our latest purchase won't help though, my husband has just bought an Ooni pizza oven for the garden. It's a gas powered oven that heats up in ten minutes and can cook a pizza to perfection in just a couple of minutes. We've only used it once so far but were very impressed with the pizzas - I'll probably share a review at some point because if you like your pizzas like we do then I'd definitely recommend one!

Pizza from a Ooni pizza oven

I'm hoping that the weather will be good enough this summer to spend plenty of time in the garden eating pizza and doing a bit of gardening. The wood in our raised vegetable bed had gone completely rotten so we've had it replaced and I love my new vegetable patch, I've been busy planning my planting!

Wooden raised bed vegetable patch

I've also been enjoying doing some reading now that the children are back at school and I have some quiet time. After a conversation on Twitter (which you can read about here) I purchased a book that I loved as a child and hadn't read since - Charlotte Sometimes (affiliate link). I must have read it over and over, because the story came flooding back to me. It's a lovely story and brought a tear to my eye when I finished it. I'll be keeping my copy this time!

Finally we were recently given a huge box of Lego by a kind colleague and the children have had so much fun playing with it. I love watching them playing and being completely absorbed in their games, especially Harry who is fast moving into tween territory but is not yet too old to lose himself in an imaginary world.

What has made you happy lately?

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