Friday 17 May 2019

Life right now

The other day I was making dinner again, thinking about how every day with the children seems to follow the same routine - the school run, homework, dinner time, bath time and bed time, and I was suddenly reminded that although these are the things fill my life at the moment, in the end it's just another phase that won't last forever.

I never really thought about how life goes in phases until Harry was born. Those early weeks were so difficult and they really felt as if they were going to go on forever. I couldn't see forward to a time when he would sleep through the night or to when I'd be able to communicate with him properly. Of course looking back it seems like it was over so quickly, and those mornings spent trying to keep my eyes open at baby groups, making up purees and trying to encourage a nap seem like so long ago

So I thought I'd make a little list to remind me of what life looks like at the moment:

Lego everywhere
Packed lunches
Swimming lessons
Preparing food
School bags
Piano practice
Pushing swings
Dress up days

I must admit I'm desperately clinging on to this phase, it's my favourite yet. I love seeing my children playing together with their toys and always happy to come over to me for a cuddle and a chat. Even though they are growing more independent, they still need me very much. I'm not sure that I'm ready to deal with the changes that are waiting just out of sight around the corner!

Children playing in a playground

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