Monday 6 May 2019

#ad Blu Tack hacks for crafters

This is a collaborative post in association with Bostik

Today I'm sharing some hacks for using Blu Tack in your crafting! I've put together some ways that  Blu Tack can be used to make working on craft projects easier, as a craft material in its own right, and to display your finished projects.

Crafty hacks using Blu Tack

If you are working on a project where you need to lay items out before securing them into place, you can use Blu Tack to test out different configurations. For example when I made this box frame to display some of my favourite badges, I spent some time coming up with different arrangements before I found one that I was happy with. The Blu Tack will keep small items firmly in place yet can be removed without causing any damage when you are ready to use a more permanent adhesive.

Display frame for badges and pins

If you are working on a spray painted project you can use Blu Tack as a masking material to keep paint from ending up in the wrong place. This is brilliant for around fiddly or ornate areas. You can also use the Blu Tack to mask off decorative patterns that you want to create.

Blu Tack can be used to make a simple stamp, for example to create dots of paint on an object.

If you need to add paint or glue to a small or fiddly item, you can use a piece of Blu Tack to hold it firmly in place, both while applying the paint or glue and while it dries.

If you need to make a hole in a piece of thick paper or card, use a lump of Blu Tack underneath and push through with a skewer. The Blu Tack will protect the work surface underneath.

Blu Tack being used to help make a hole in cardboard

Blu Tack is great for picking up tiny items like seed beads or mini Hama beads if you spill them. It works best on a hard surface but is also great for fabric or carpet if you are careful not to press too firmly.

Blu Tack for picking up small beads

When preparing a surface for painting you can use a lump of Blu Tack to remove any dust or debris from the surface. You can also use Blu Tack to plug small holes, such as screw holes, to create a smoother surface.

If you are working on a project that requires using lots of small pins or needles you can use a lump of Blu Tack to secure them firmly to your work surface. This will prevent them from rolling away and also draws attention to them so that they won't cause an accident.

Blu Tack holding pins together

Blu Tack is a great resource if you are putting together a mood or inspiration board. You can use it to stick up pictures and photos that you like, scraps of paper of fabric and small embellishments, then move them around to see what will work well together.

Finally, Blu Tack is a brilliant way to display your finished art work, both temporarily and more permanently. It's fantastic for sticking up your child's drawings or your own works of art, to walls, cupboards and other surfaces.

Child's drawing displayed with Blu Tack

This is a collaborative post in association with Bostik

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