Friday 10 May 2019

Festive ornament felt kits

I received these kits in exchange for a review.

I love crafting for Christmas, and although it might seem a bit early yet I find that the Christmas period can be busy that I don't want to be putting pressure on myself to get projects finished. I'd rather have them completed in plenty of time so that I can enjoy the results of my crafting during the build up! So I was pleased to be sent some sweet little felt Christmas ornament kits to review, with plenty of time to work on them before the rest of the decorations come out.

Felt Christmas crafting kits selection

The kits contain almost everything that you need along with with full instructions - you just need a pair of scissors and some fabric glue. I decided to start with a little felt owl.

Felt owl crafting kit

The felt pieces were pre-cut with the holes already punched. It's not a basic sewing kit though, you do need to be able to do some basic embroidery stitches and work out the positioning of the embellishing stitches yourself. There is plenty of scope to adapt the design to your own preferences, and I think it would be lovely to work on these alongside a child or younger family member that could help with the more simple sewing.

Felt owl in progress

I really enjoyed working on this kit, it was challenging enough to keep me interested but didn't take too long to finish and was a really satisfying make.

Festive felt owl crafting kit

Here's my finished little owl, isn't he sweet! I'm not actually sure that he's going to make it to the Christmas tree - Mia has already claimed him as her own and spirited him away to hang in her bedroom somewhere!

Festive felt owl made using a craft kit

I love that the kits all co-ordination beautifully together, and although they are simple they can be easily customised. I'm looking forward to working on the other pieces!

These kits are Trimits craft kits which are available through various craft retailers.

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