Monday 20 May 2019

What my fantasy garden looks like

It's the time of year when I start to make plans for the garden. Our garden isn't very exciting. It's a really good size which is great, but being a new build it's rather overlooked, and it's been kept very simple - mainly grass which is full of daisies, and one small border. However we are lucky enough to have a separate area where we have a raised vegetable patch which has just been replaced, and we also have a summer house, which although showing signs of age is a nice feature.

We do love spending time in the garden, although admittedly perhaps not as much time as we should. Last summer we bought a fire pit which we used a great deal, and this year we've bought an outdoor pizza oven which we are hoping to get plenty of use out of - fingers crossed for nice weather!

I'm often looking out into the garden from the kitchen and wishing that I had the magic touch that could make it a little more attractive. So I thought I'd pull together some ideas for what my fantasy garden would look like, and perhaps it will give me a bit of inspiration when it comes to thinking about what I could do out there!

I'd love to have a bright and colourful garden with an eclectic mix of plants and flowers, ideally planted in a mixture of different and re-purposed containers. I've already put lots of pots out the front of the summer house which I've planted up with some bedding plants, I'm hoping that they thrive!

Selection of different flowers in planters
Photo credits Micheile HendersonJakub JacobskyAnnie SprattChris Barbalis

I also want to make the most of spending time out in the garden during the evening with some lanterns and maybe even some outdoor fairy lights, if we can organise getting an outdoor socket installed. I'm always a fan of using what I already have instead of buying new, I might start collecting jam jars and tins and seeing what I can come up with!

Selection of glass lanterns
Photo credit Vladimir Mokry via Unsplash

I'd love some nice comfortable seating too, maybe something like these amazing swinging seats that we enjoyed sitting in on our holiday to Dubai earlier this year. If I had one of these I don't think I'd ever leave it!

Girl in large swinging seat

I was also inspired on holiday by this wall of bird boxes at Center Parcs, Erperheide. I love how they are all so different, yet still look good together. I have just finished painting one bird box for my garden and I have another one to work on, so this is something that I might actually be able to manage!

Bird boxes hung on the wall in a display

I even have a Garden Style Pinterest board for gathering ideas! I started a Garden Style Pinterest board years ago and I'm always pinning to it.

Maybe this will be the year that I actually get on and do something about it!

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