Wednesday, 13 June 2018

How to make Hama bead Emoji magnets

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Recently I was sent a bottle of the new Gorilla Glue Clear (affiliate link) to use in my crafting. Gorilla Glue Clear is an easy to use adhesive that can be used for a range of craft projects,and it will stick a wide range of materials firmly - including glass, ceramics, metal, stone and wood. I decided that I would try it out on one of my favourite materials - Hama beads! I've tried to glue Hama bead projects before and I've not had a great deal of success, so I was interested to see how well the Gorilla Glue worked. I wasn't disappointed!

Hama bead Emoji magnets tutorial

I decided to make some Hama bead emoji magnets. I started by coming up with some simple designs which I put together using the square pegboard.

Simple Hama bead emoji designs

Then I ironed the beads on both sides. If you are new to Hama beads, you can find some tips for ironing Hama beads here.

How to make Hama bead magnets

I glued my magnets to the back of each design using the Gorilla Glue. The magnets that I used are these ones - Very strong disc magnets (affiliate link) - they are small but very strong! A tip here - apply the glue to the magnet rather than the Hama beads so that you don't lose any glue through the holes! You just need to put a small blob of glue on the magnet and press firmly to the back of the Hama beads. Allow to dry for 24 hours for a full cure. If you are gluing larger items it is recommended that you clamp pieces together for two hours.

Gorilla Glue for sticking to Hama beads

I found the Gorilla Glue really easy to apply, there's no smell, and no stickiness when it ended up on my fingers. The glue dries clear and the magnets really are stuck very firmly, they aren't going to be coming off!

Gorilla Glue for making Hama bead emoji magnets

I'm really pleased that I've found an adhesive that works well with the Hama beads and now I'm a little bit addicted to making magnets! They'd be great for party bags or for children to give to their friends.

Hama bead emoji magnets on the radiator

I was sent a bottle of Gorilla Glue Clear to use in my crafting. This post contains Amazon affiliate links.

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