Wednesday 2 February 2022

Our new hedgehog house and our hedgehog visitor

We've known that we have hedgehogs in our garden for a while. We often see them scooting about on our security cameras, sometimes I spot them when I go to the garage at night to put washing in the tumble dryer, and once we were in the hot tub and were treated to a half hour or so watching two hedgehogs snuffling around us.

So a couple of weeks ago we decided to try and entice a hedgehog to stay for a little longer, and we bought a hedgehog house for the garden.

This is the hedgehog house that we bought - Predator Proof Hedgehog House and Hibernation Shelter. We also purchased a pack of hedgehog food from the same company, although I think we'll move to cheaper cat biscuits when it's finished. Then we bought a pack of hay from Amazon. The entire sleeping area of the hedgehog house is filled with hay, then we left some piles outside as we read that hedgehogs like to build their own nests with it. We put a small bowl of food inside and scattered some about. There's a saucer of water too.

Hedgehog house in garden, UK

The house is located in a sheltered part of the garden that we don't go in very often, tucked away from the main part of the garden between the house wall and a fence. Then we have one of our Ring security cameras opposite so we can watch what the hedgehog is up to.

Harry made this video for me of the first night that the hedgehog visited the house, about a week after we placed it. If you watch to the end you'll be treated by the gently steaming gift that the hedgehog left behind for us!

Over the next week the hedgehog kept coming back to snuffle around, eat the food and explore inside the house. Then last night we saw him go into the house at about 6.30am and stay inside for the whole day which was very exciting! It's great to have the camera so that we can see what it's up to!

Do you have hedgehog visitors to your garden?

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  1. Aww! What a lovely addition to your garden the hedgehog house is. The camera is fantastic too so you can see what's coming and going. x


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