Tuesday 15 February 2022

Easy tips to better decorate your bedroom

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The bedroom is one of the most important rooms in the house. It's where you relax and recharge, so it's important to make it feel like your own personal oasis. Research has shown that your bedroom's environment directly affects the quality of your sleep. This is why it is so important to have a restful retreat that you love, which reduces stress and helps you wake up feeling refreshed every day.

Bedroom with bed and plants
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Here are some tips on how to better decorate your bedroom:

Use Linen Bedding

Linen sheets and linen bedding, such as linen pillowcases and linen duvet covers, are extremely breathable, which can help you stay cool throughout the night. The linen is also soft to the touch and has a slight sheen that enhances any room's style. Plus, linen colours tend to fade gracefully, so your bedding will retain its rich look for many years to come.

Decorate With Mirrors

Mirrors are great ways to decorate your bedroom because they can make any room look larger and brighter. Also, they bounce natural light around the room, which is beneficial if you have dark walls. Natural light is very important for your bedroom because it naturally helps you wake up in the morning. It also keeps your room temperature from humidity too much.

Incorporate Your Favourite Colours

Colours can affect how you feel depending on what they are associated with. For example, darker colours like black and brown may create a feeling of being closed off. On the other hand, lighter colors like white tend to have more positive associations with being open and clean. You'll want to choose colours that represent your personality, likes, interests, or even the season.

Add Plants

Having suitable plants is a great way to add life to your bedroom, which can help improve mental well-being through exposure to nature. They may also absorb toxins that commonly build up in bedrooms, which can contribute to poor health. With that being said, make sure to choose air-purifying plants versus ones that are toxic for pets and small children.

Use Natural Materials

Natural fibres look beautiful in any room's décor, while also breathing well. Instead of glass or ceramic lamps, consider buying a fibre optic lamp that uses materials like wood, jute, cane, or bamboo for a modern twist.

Create A Focal Point

A focal point is an important part of decorating any room, but it's particularly useful in bedrooms because this will help you transition from one place to another. For example, your bed should be the main focus in your bedroom, followed by other pieces like the dresser, nightstands, desk, sofa, or fireplace.

Create Layers With Lighting

You want to mimic day into night with the lighting in your bedroom. Different levels of lighting convey different emotions and feelings that can help create a calm environment for sleeping or an energetic one for getting ready in the morning. Use ambient lighting behind your bed or through your window to create a calming palette that reminds you of the outdoors. Try adding task lighting in the form of table lamps with dimmers for more focused illumination when reading, applying makeup, etc.

Add An Accent Wall

An accent wall is a great way to add life to any room's décor, but it's particularly useful in bedrooms because this will help you transition from one place to another. For example, if you have a theme or colour scheme for your bedroom, you can use an accent wall as a way to create a focal point and demarcate the different areas. For example, painting one wall behind your bed red can help instil passion in your bedroom décor.

Incorporate A Rug

Rugs are great at bringing all of the design elements of your bedroom together. For example, you can use a rug to define where your bed is or set up an area for reading. The right colour and pattern of rugs will also bring warmth into the room as well as connect any colours that are used in other parts of your bedroom decor. Be sure to also care for them. One of the most recurring problems with rugs is that they often shed. Keep an eye on how to stop rugs from shedding and they will last forever.

Use Your Bedroom For Different Activities

Your bedroom should represent more than just a place to doze off and get some rest. It can also be the centre of activity in your home. For example, you might use your bed as a comfortable spot during the day to read or watch TV while lounging on pillows. You can also set up a reading chair or desk within your bedroom to create a space for doing work.

When decorating your bedroom, it’s important to keep in mind the different ways that you can use colour, lighting, and materials to create a space that is both comfortable and reflective of your personality. By using these easy tips, you can create a beautiful and functional bedroom that will be a relaxing oasis at the end of a long day. Additionally, by taking into account some basic design principles, you can avoid common decorating mistakes and make sure your bedroom is uniquely yours.

What are some other ways that you like to personalize your bedroom? Let us know in the comments below!

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