Thursday 17 February 2022

Outdoor vs indoor: Which is better for your wedding?

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In England, it can be tough when deciding if you want an indoor or outdoor wedding. One thing you should always have is a Plan B in case the heavens open on your special day. An indoor ceremony should be able to be set up quickly just in case.


Having your ceremony indoors is the norm for British weddings as our weather is so unpredictable. Finding a venue with plenty of natural light for the perfect wedding pictures can be difficult as some older buildings have quite small windows, so you may prefer a modern wedding venue instead.

The true benefit of an indoor ceremony is control, no external weather factors are likely to affect your ceremony and the bride won’t get sunburnt! Having your wedding indoors also means your friends and family aren’t going to have to deal with insects disturbing them whilst they’re eating their dinner and the wedding cake isn’t going to melt.

Having your wedding indoors comes with the benefit of all the amenities that offers. There will be no concerns over generators or toilets if you host your wedding indoors.

If you’re a bit of a control freak, an indoor wedding is definitely the way to go!

Indoor wedding chairs and aisle
Photo credit Cinematic Imagery via Unsplash


An indoor wedding unfortunately can’t compete with the beauty of an outdoor wedding most of the time! You’ll be surrounded by beautiful scenery and incredible landscapes.

If a wedding in the sun sounds like a dream to you then an outdoor wedding would be perfect. There are plenty of wedding venues with beautiful outdoor spaces that could provide the perfect setting.

When hosting your wedding outdoors you will need to check if it requires any permits from the local council. Your wedding venue should be able to provide all the information you need as well as inform you if they have a license for outdoor weddings.

You’ll save money on décor by hosting an outdoor wedding as mother nature provides all the décor you’ll need. Get some nice chair sashes and some sort of backdrop for you to stand in front of and that’s it. If you want to go all out, add some floral décor to the aisle. You’ll still have plenty of money spare in your budget for some delicious food!

The downside is that there will be creepy crawlies to deal with as well as a potential downpour or two.

Outdoor wedding with aisle and flowers
Photo credit Shardayyy Photography via Unsplash

Just can’t decide?

If the decision is too difficult to make, combine the two together. Begin your wedding celebrations outdoors, exchanging vows under the sun then enjoy some canapes in the garden. Head indoors for your wedding breakfast and evening celebrations, but continue to offer an outdoor area for your guests to enjoy if they get too hot or if they’re smokers.

If you’d prefer to bring the outdoors in, a clear marquee would do the job! You’ll still be able to see the stunning surroundings but you’ll be protected from the elements if the weather took a turn for the worse. 

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