Wednesday 17 November 2021

Some Christmas reading inspiration for adults

 Christmas reading inspiration and ideas

The nights are now well and truly drawing in and it's definitely the time of year to find yourself snuggled under a blanket with a good book! I read widely but I always enjoy matching my reading to the seasons, and especially at Christmas time when everything is so festive it's nice to get into the spirit with a suitable book. So I thought I'd share some Christmas reading inspiration, most of these are books that I've read myself and enjoyed, along with a few that I'm adding to my wish list!

Christmas classics

I read A Christmas Carol for the first time last Christmas and not being a fan of Dickens was pleasantly surprised. It's a very familiar story which helps of course, and also it's not too long and was a very enjoyable read. Most people also know the story of The Nutcracker, and are familiar with Sherlock Holmes and Poirot, so this selection is a great way to enjoy a classic story that isn't too demanding.

Christmas short stories

Sometimes at Christmas you can be so busy that you don't have time to sit down and read a full novel, so a short story is perfect when you have a few minutes to relax with a book and also great for reading aloud to children. Many of these classic short stories are also available in beautifully illustrated keepsake editions - I recommend keeping them tucked away with the Christmas decorations so that they can be enjoyed over the festive season.

Modern romantic comedy style Christmas novels

Last Christmas before going on holiday I went into the library and loaded up my bag with Christmas books to take with me. Luckily there was a lovely festive display full of suitable books, and it's also easy to find similar displays in book shops and charity shops. There are many, many books in this genre and to be honest they can be pretty predictable, but they are great to get you into the festive spirit!

Just one thing to be aware of, sometimes the author of a series of books will write a Christmas themed book using characters and locations from a series that you might not know. So just make sure that you've picked a standalone book, or one from a series that you've already read.

Christmas coffee table and illustrated books

I love a nice hardback book with plenty of lovely illustrations to browse through when I get a moment. Some of these books are winter rather than purely Christmas themed but they can still make you feel cosy and festive. I've added the The Almanac to my Christmas list - it looks like a wonderful book to refer to all year long.

Christmas poetry

Like short stories, poems are great for dipping in and out of when you only have a few minutes to spare. I particularly love Wendy Cope's Christmas poems, very funny yet with a important message.

Books that aren't purely Christmas themed but have Christmas elements

These books are all classics that I enjoyed as a child. They aren't entirely Christmas themed but they have descriptive and memorable Christmas scenes that have stayed with me, and are also good reminders of the true meaning of Christmas and the importance of friends and family rather than gifts.

Happy festive reading!

Pile of Christmas themed books under the tree

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  1. What great ideas.
    My youngest is reading A Christmas Carol in school as part of her English Literature GCSE. She is loving it.


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