Friday 5 November 2021

Advent calendar ideas for crafters

Rather than buying one, I love the idea of putting together my own Advent calendars with a particular theme. This was sparked by the first ever wooden Advent calendar that we bought our then toddler, and I wrote a popular post filled with ideas for things to fill your own Advent calendar which I loved researching and updating.

Advent calendar filler ideas for crafters

As a crafter I would really enjoy receiving an Advent calendar filled with crafty bits and pieces as I count down to Christmas, and so I thought I'd have a browse for some ideas which would make great Advent calendar fillers for the crafty person in your life. Some of these gift ideas are a little large for the traditional wooden Advent calendar, but they could easily be wrapped and numbered separately for a small treat every day in the weeks leading up to Christmas.

So here's a big list of small gift ideas which would make wonderful fillers for a craft themed Advent calendar.

Mini craft kits, especially those with a Christmas theme

They sound like an expensive item, but craft kits can be reasonably priced if you keep your eyes open, or if you buy a larger pack that can be split into smaller parts. I bought these lovely mini Christmas cross stitch kits in Hobbycraft (sneakily positioned by the till for impulse purchasing) and they were priced at just £5 for 3. There are many mini craft kits available, and if you buy a multipack you can spread them out over several days of your crafty Advent calendar.

Mini Christmas cross stitch kits from Hobbycraft

Christmas decorations to make

There are lots of options for blank decorations or gift tags which can be decorated for Christmas. We had a lot of fun decorating some blank wooden ornaments a few years ago - it's a simple and quick craft which is easy to do with pens and paints that you have lying around. Blank gift tags are also fun and easy to personalise as Christmas approaches.

A Christmas jigsaw

There are lots of Advent Calendar jigsaws available, or you could just buy a large Christmas themed puzzle and place a few pieces into a small box for every day of Advent. It's a good idea to put the jigsaw puzzle together first and break it up into sections otherwise it might get frustrating to complete the puzzle at random!

Small craft supplies

This can be tailored according to the crafts that the recipient enjoys. For example a small skein of floss, a pack of needles, a piece of fabric, a coloured pen - there are endless possibilities! 

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  1. What a fab idea. I know someone who would love something like this. x


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