Wednesday 10 November 2021

How I motivate myself to get out for a run

As I dragged myself out of bed this morning, knowing that I had 'Get out for a run' on my to do list for the day, I found myself thinking up excuses. I was feeling tired, it looked like it might rain, I had lots of other things that I wanted to get done. But I managed to get out, and of course when I got back I felt so much better for it - both for having done the exercise and for having encouraged made the effort.  

It made me think of sharing a few of the ways that I motivate myself to get out for a run, and some tips to make sure that you always manage to get out when you are planning to.

 How to motivate yourself to go out for a run

I like to schedule regular days for exercise. At the moment that's Monday, Wednesday and Friday, with anything extra at the weekend being a bonus. So I always know that these are my exercise days and I can plan my timetable accordingly, whether that's a run, swim or cross trainer workout. I've had this plan for over a year now, and although I do occasionally miss a workout or swap things around, for the main part it has stuck.

I like to get exercise out the way first thing in the morning. Of course this doesn't work for everyone's schedule, but I feel much happier when it's done. It's all about eating the frog!

So to help with this I always make sure that to get everything ready the night before. My clothes are laid out and my running belt and headband are by the front door. If I'm planning on wearing my headphones then I make sure that they are charged and that I've got a running playlist in mind.

If I'm not feeling particularly inspired at the thought of a run the following morning then I pull out Google maps and try to find a new running route. I have a number of different routes that I like to run from my house, and sometimes even just running one in reverse is enough to switch things up a bit. 

If I really want a change (and if it's not too windy!) then I'll drive down to the seafront and run along there. I also use MapMyRun which makes planning routes of specific lengths really easy. Sometimes I like to look for points of interest on the map, like a church or a park, and plan a route to take it in.

I've also begun to reconsider whether tracking runs is really a good idea. I used to log every run that I did in Strava, just for my own information as I only have one friend on there. I liked seeing how far I'd run, how fast and so on. But then I realised that if I only fancied a short run I didn't want to log it, as it didn't feel like a proper effort! And so then I'd wonder whether it was actually worth going out at all. 

So now I tend to just check my watch when I begin, and if I've been running for half an hour or longer then I call that a good run. I can always go back and plug the route into MapMyRun if I'm feeling curious about my distance. 

Finally as I get ready to go out I always remind myself that I've never felt worse after going for a run. Barring injury or an accident of course, it would be very rare to come back from a run and regret it!

Main image credit Emma Simpson via Unsplash

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  1. It is hard to find the motivation to exercise especially at this time of year when the weather is terrible. It is easier to do it first thing, I know it is for me. It gives me less time to think up excuses why I can't exercise. lol


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